The Interactive Metronome ®, Heart Math ® and the Safe and Sound Protocol ® Can Significantly Improve Attention and Lower Anxiety

The Interactive Metronome (IM), HeartMath, and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) are three distinct therapeutic approaches that improve attention and motor planning and reduce anxiety for our students.


While we use the Interactive Metronome, Heart Math and the Safe and Sound Protocol as an integral part of the 3D Learner Program ®, we also provide it for students where the primary issues are attention, motor planning and anxiety.


Interactive Metronome (IM)

  • IM is a therapeutic program that involves synchronized timing with a computer-generated beat. It aims to improve timing, attention, coordination, and processing speed through repetitive exercises.
  • We have helped over 2000 students with the Interactive Metronome.  In addition to improving attention, coordination and processing speed it improves:
    • Reading and math fluency
    • Handwriting
    • Sports skills
  • It also reduces impulsivity and hyperactivity

Parents have used this both to reduce the dosage of medication and instead of medication.   

Click here to see how this works, the story behind this invention and what we do to maximize results.



  • HeartMath is a program designed to help individuals regulate their emotions and reduce stress by promoting coherence between the heart rate variability (HRV) and the breathing rhythm.
  • Techniques taught in HeartMath involve rhythmic breathing exercises and focusing on positive emotions to shift into a state of coherence, which is associated with reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Some research suggests that HeartMath techniques can lead to improvements in emotional regulation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. 


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

  • SSP is a sound-based therapy developed to regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve social engagement by exposing individuals to specially filtered auditory stimuli.
  • It involves listening to specially processed music designed to stimulate the middle ear muscles, which may help regulate the nervous system’s response to stress and increase social engagement.
  • We have found SSP to help all our students


The Interactive Metronome, HeartMath and the Safe and Sound Protocol are offered separately, are used in combination where attention, anxiety and motor planning are the key issues, or as three elements included as part of programs like our 3D Learner Program. 

If you would like to discuss this further, call us at 561-361-7495 or click here to schedule a how to improve attention and motor planning, while reducing anxiety conversation


Note, the Interactive Metronome, HeartMath and the Safe and Sound Protocol are dependent on the quality of the provider. 3D Learner has had success with all these tools, and we have seen the greatest benefits when they are used together. We provide all these services both at our Coral Springs FL location and via zoom

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