Individualized Education Program (IEP)

The Right IEP often requires different goals. 3D Learner can partner with you and your school to create the best IEP for your child.


The right IEP can make a difference

I thought I had the right IEPmom said, but the situation has actually gotten worse.  The problems included:

  • Her son’s reading had gotten better, but his comprehension was still an issue
  • Mom still did not know what homework was assigned, even though the teacher was supposed to sign off that the homework assignment was written in his planner
  • Her son was acting up and the challenges were getting worse

The IEP meeting got off to a rough start.  We asked what the student’s reading comprehension was.  No one in the meeting knew the student’s reading comprehension, but …

Another person in the school did.  It turned out their reports were consistent with our testing.  This led to a new goal being set.  With a two year gap, we tried to set the goal to improve his reading comprehension by two grade levels.  At this rate, the gap would be closed in two years.  The school said they never set a goal for more than one year growth in a year.  We did compromise on a 1.5 year gain within a year.

How 3D Learner helps

On the homework issue, we offered a different approach.  We suggested the added step of having the parent countersign that the homework was done and put in a place the student could locate it.  We also suggested a one week trial.  We met with the teacher after the meeting.  She was actually delighted with the concept.  We tried it for a week and it went well.

With the reading comprehension, mom asked what else she could do.  We offered a comprehensive option that would give her child a good chance of improving her child’s comprehension 3 grade levels over the next 6 months.

We included an approach to improve attention.

We also coached the parent on what could be done to reduce homework time and stress.

Mom chose to pursue this option.

Over the next months:

  • Her son’s reading comprehension did improve by 3 grade levels
  • Homework time was reduced by 45% and stress was down significantly
  • Relations with the school were much better

The Right IEP can really help.  When a parent is able to find complementary services to accelerate gains, their child can do even better.

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