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Worried about the “Covid Slide?” Has your child been diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD, or a Learning Deficit? Have you tried other programs and not seen results? We need to talk. Your child may be a Visual Learner and need a different holistic approach to learning.

3D Learner programs focus on the whole child. Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, our focus is to give them the processing skills and strategies they need to thrive.

With over 25 years of experience working with Visual Learners, we create a learning program custom-tailored to their natural interests. Our approach boosts their self-confidence, lessens their anxiety, and reignites their love for learning. Call us now at 561-361-7495 or sign up below for a free consultation to set your child up for success for the next school year

I have not met a dyslexic student who was not a visual-spatial learner

Linda Silverman Ph.D. Gifted Development Center

A visual learner is a student who learns best when they see and experience information.


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