Making a difference for children who learn differently

Why do so many bright, creative kids underperform in school? They may be mainstreamed or gifted; have a formal diagnosis such as dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, or not. These children usually have undetected problems with reading comprehension, math, and executive functioning.

The 3D Learner approach has unlocked the true potential of thousands of kids.

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See your child from a different perspective


Very often schools and psychologists focus on what is wrong with a child. We focus on the positive using the term Visual Learner.

We teach the way a Visual Learner learns best.

What allows our students to make gains in months vs. years:

  • We identify and address challenges, for example, executive function, eye-teaming, working memory, processing speed, and anxiety challenges.
  • We capitalize on the student’s strengths.
  • Our process is customized for the individual student.
  • Our curriculum is integrated and engaging.
  • Parents are an integral part of the solution.
3D Learner K-12 learning support - boy with headphones

3D Learner Programs

When students are taught based on their strengths, they are more engaged and master skills much faster. The key is creating an environment that fosters this engagement. At 3D Learner, we provide an individualized, customized learning environment based on your child’s initial assessment. Areas where improvements are needed, are targeted using our proprietary teaching materials.

3D Learner Program

The Transformational 3D Learner Program® Phase One is for smart struggling students who have reading comprehension, vocabulary, visual processing, working memory, anxiety, and/or related challenges.

Executive Functioning

The Executive Function Program (BrainTraining) is tailored for students who need training for attention, executive function, anxiety, and/or related challenges. This program improves both academic and athletic skills.

Parent Coaching

3D Learner Parent Coaching
Parenting a Visual Learner involves a different set of parenting skills. Learning what to do, how to set goals, and create an environment of “I Can” is part of our unique parenting program.

Custom Tutoring

3D Learner Custom Tutoring
One-on-one custom tutoring to support your child’s learning on your schedule.

Parents share their journey

Don’t just take our word for it…

We have helped hundreds of families support their children and achieve outrageous success.

“Looking back on 4th grade, we never would have thought K. would now be on track to complete law school in May. 3D Learner gave K. the tools, confidence and skills to accomplish this.”


S & DB

DeLand, FL
“I have to share with the people who gave my boys the tools and the confidence to persevere… A and H each received a composite score of 36 on their ACT.  This is a perfect score!”


Boston, MA

Mira, Mark and the team at 3D Learners are world-class experts on how to teach kids with learning differences. I shudder to think of what would be had we not hired them



New York, NY

“The 3D Learner – Transform Stress to Outrageous Success for your Child”

Having lived through the challenges with their own family, and helping thousands of other students since 1996, the Halpert’s book discusses how to help your child or grandchild go from stress to success. They discuss relevant stories to help you understand your child and the powerful role you play to help your child succeed. Available on Amazon.

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