Family Empowerment Scholarship (Gardiner)

3D Learner is an approved provider for the Florida Family Empowerment Scholarship. We provide online services for students from anywhere in Florida…NEW this year:

Executive Function assessment and training for working memory, processing speed, and more.

SAT and ACT training to help students get into college and to earn the Bright Futures Scholarship – which could be worth $19,000 to $28,000.


Assessment Special Offer – For clients enrolling under the Florida Family Empowerment Scholarship, we are now offering both an Executive Function and a Comprehensive Assessment at 25% off through August 31st. Call to schedule your assessment.

The Executive Function Assessment gives you the insight to identify working memory, processing speed, attention, flexible thinking, and related skills

Our reading comprehension assessment, which can be added to our Assessment Special Offer, gives you a better understanding of how your child learns, where their strengths are and where they struggle and assesses their executive function skills.

Improve Reading Comprehension and Executive Functions Skills For the Right Brain, Visual or Kinesthetic Learner Succeed with The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program (formerly Gardiner)

For 25 years, 3D Learner has been helping the Right Brain, Visual or Kinesthetic Learner to improve:

  • Reading comprehension and ignite a love for learning
  • Executive function skills – attention, working memory, processing speed, and organization skills
  • Math and writing skills
  • ACT and SAT scores.  We have helped many students to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship, worth as much as $19,000 to $28,000 over four years.

We are an approved provider since the Gardiner Scholarship, now the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program.

3D Learner helps students statewide with our zoom-based training or in person at our Coral Springs location.

To have a conversation on how we can put your child on their pathway to success call us at 561-361-7495 or click here to schedule a Stress to Success Conversation.

What makes 3D Learner unique among most Family Empowerment Scholarship providers?

  • Many Family Empowerment Scholarship students are visual learners with some processing challenges – working memory, processing speed, and/or auditory and visual processing challenges.
  • We teach the way the visual learner learns, we identify and address the processing issues and we help parents to be more effective coaches for your child.
  • Our more comprehensive assessment will show you how your child learns best, his or her strengths and challenges, whether there is an underlying visual or auditory processing challenge, and their present level of performance for reading comprehension, math, and writing.  We also provide both a written and phone report.
  • Our hands-on approach teaches the way our students learn and improves word recognition vocabulary and reading comprehension.  We use a similar approach to improve writing and math.
  • By improving working memory, visual processing, and related challenges, we improve academic skills, behavior, and skills that are transferable to sports.
  • We focus on continuous improvement and boosting self-esteem and self-advocacy skills.
  • We help you to be the coach and advocate your child’s needs.
  • We can help students improve reading comprehension, love for reading, math, writing, attention, self-control, and visual processing skills.

The Florida Reading Scholarship

The Florida Reading Scholarship  is for students in grades 4 and 5 who are struggling with reading.  Requirements for the 2020/21 year should be set in the fall – normally for students who scored a Level 1 or 2 on the third or fourth grade reading FSA.

The scholarship provides parents with $500 to be used for approved programs.

The 3D Learner Program® has been approved by Step Up for Students.

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