Getting the right teacher for your child

Getting the right teacher can help your child succeed and help you develop a collaborative relationship.

The right teacher makes a big difference

Too often parents leave the choice of teachers to the school.  Schools do their best, but they do not understand that your child:

  • Is a visual learner who will benefit from a more visual approach
  • Needs more structure than most
  • May shut down when the teacher gets angry. We did not realize how often students think the teacher is mad at them, when the teacher is just frustrated
  • Has difficulty copying off the board and taking notes when the teacher is speaking
  • May be reluctant to ask questions

Getting the right teacher starts with communicating with the principal

Principals are often open to parent requests that describe the right teacher for your child. For the visual learner, we often look for teachers who are visual, consistent, structured, empathetic and speak in a calm voice.

We found the best approach in Getting the Right Teacher for your child is to submit a letter to the principal. If your child has an IEP, Individualized Education Program, or 504, accommodations, we often recommend incorporating the desired characteristics in these plans.

We would follow-up with a phone call.  Developing a great relationship with your child’s principal can really help. From our own experience, we recognize that a great teacher is more than about talent. The right teacher for your child is one who can relate to your child.

Principals often make teacher selection during the summer months. We would recommend you draft and send a letter (link below) to your child’s principal ASAP.

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