For Right Brain Neurodivergent Learners, Algebra Can Be Very Difficult. Improving Algebra Skills can Improve GPA, Chances for a Bright Futures Scholarship, and the Quality of the College One Gets Into

The right brain neurodivergent learner is a student who:

  • Learns best when they see and experience information
  • Have difficulty understanding abstract words
  • Often have visual processing issues
  • Have not been taught to draw out a problem.
  • May be good in math, but often struggles with Algebra.


For many right brain neurodivergent learners, math can either be:

  • Very easy until they hit Algebra, and then it gets much harder
  • Difficult until they hit Algebra, at which point it becomes incredibly difficult


For the right brain neurodivergent learner. Algebra is often very hard.  At 3D Learner, we recognize that with a visual hands-on approach, the right brain neurodivergent can often significantly improve their:

  • Algebra grade and easily pass their end of course exam
  • ACT or SAT Score
  • Chances of getting a scholarship.  In Florida, for example, one needs a 1210 and 1340 score on their SAT to earn a Bright Futures Scholarship that could be worth $20,000 to $30,000 over 4 years.  For many students, by increasing their math SAT score by 100, 150 or 200 points, they can now get a $20,000 or even a $30,000 scholarship.
  • Chances of getting into the best possible college or university.  Especially for those students striving to get into top universities, one often needs an SAT score of close to or over 1500


Algebra can be difficult for right brain neurodivergent learners because:

  • Many more students have struggled in math since the pandemic, and Algebra is just that much harder when the student lacks a solid foundation in math. 
  • The wording of many problems is confusing.   Right brain neurodivergent learners often have problems with abstract words like greater than, less than, except, etc.  It is important that they learn this vocabulary. 
  • Many right brain neurodivergent learners have not been taught to draw out their work.  This is an incredibly important skill, especially on the harder problems. 
  • On the SAT and ACT tests, the wording is often confusing.  The right brain neurodivergent learner often misreads the questions and does not have sufficient time to complete the test. 
  • They often have done the math work in their heads and do not see the need to write out their work.  Given the complexity of some algebra problems, this leads to many mistakes. 
  • They often do not check their work.  They often assume they have it right. One SAT student got a 610 on a practice Math SAT.  Without any additional help, I had him check his work on another test.  This time he got a 690.  It often helps when a third party teaches your child how to check their work. 
  • Algebra often requires abstract thinking and understanding of symbols to represent quantities and relationships.  Right brain neurodivergent learners, especially those with a preference for right brain thinking, may struggle with this abstract concept, as they tend to excel more in concrete, visual, or intuitive thinking processes. 
  • Executive Functioning: Algebra requires strong executive functioning skills such as organization, planning, and working memory.  Right brain neurodivergent may experience difficulties with these skills, which can hinder their ability to solve algebraic problems efficiently. 
  • Many right brain neurodivergent have a visual processing challenge. This may lead to multiple errors including:
    • Missing minus and division signs
    • Misaligning their numbers so they make “stupid” mistakes
    • Taking longer to complete the test and not answering all the questions

At 3D Learner, we have been helping bright right brain neurodivergent learners to dramatically improve their math Algebra grades, their Math SAT scores and change their trajectory for over 25 years. 

If you would like to discuss how you can help your child to significantly improve their math and Algebra grades, SAT scores and their chances to get into a better college or university, call us at 561-361-7495 or click here to schedule and Algebra Stress to Success conversation.

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