A Pathway to Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension Success for Your Right Brain Learner

Reading comprehension is a LOT about language and visualization!  This is especially true for the right brain learner, who learns best when he or she sees and experiences information.

So much is being discussed about how children learn to read or being taught HOW to read. These “reading wars” have been going on forever! No doubt, they will continue for a long time to come. The truth is…THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO TEACH READING!!— Yes, I said it!

Every child is different. They come to school from varying backgrounds and experiences, and with those experiences come the words or language they are comfortable using. We need to meet kids where they are at- NOT where others think they need to be.

YES, children need to understand, know, use and be able to manipulate or change around sounds that are letters (which are symbols for sounds, but most kids don’t make that connection right away.)  Not all children will learn to do that at the same time or at the same rate.

Multiple factors are needed for children to be successful to learn to read and even more to improve reading comprehension. Just like the cartoon suggests, we view our students from multiple perspectives, and rarely look at the whole child and what that child is good at or comfortable doing. 

The right brain learner often has a longer list of strengths and challenges than others do. (picture source www.priyankadutta.com)

I have read thousands of reports over the years. To most parents, these reports can be overwhelming. Lots of words and pages of what they assessed and what the child is not good at. Most psychology professionals will report on a child’s strengths but that often gets lost when so much is suggested as to what should be addressed to help the child succeed. One of the most common findings is that a child is “weak in phonemic awareness” or “decoding skills”. It seems like other findings and suggestions – which admittedly are many- are overshadowed by the push to believe that if those skills are worked on exclusively, things will get better. Parents are bombarded by the notion that they need to have their kids spend hundreds of hours practicing and remembering rules of when certain sounds are made and that just by being able to sound out words, they will be able to comprehend what those words mean.

Many parents believe, The Science of Reading premise is that the Simple Formula of Reading is:

Decoding  X  Reading Fluency = Reading Comprehension

For many of us–and the thousands of students I have worked with, this just is NOT the case!

I, for one, need to have an understanding of what a word means… a picture in my head of an understanding of the word, within a context.  In short, I need an understanding of LANGUAGE!

So many of our students can actually learn to decode. In isolation, they are able to tell me the individual sounds, and can put them together. What they struggle with is transferring or generalizing that skill when reading! 

Another one of my favorite quotes is:
“Scientists have determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain- unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions!” Dr Karyn Purvis, a child development expert.

At 3D Learner, I have coined the term Flearning ® — where our goal is to have our students learn from AHA moment to AHA moment, by discovering the patterns.  For the right brain learner, it is incredibly important to leverage their visualization skills and to make learning Fun.

Language, and the use of words come from play and discovery. As parents, it is vital that we create an environment where this is possible. It is also vital that we look at the whole child and sort out what things they CAN do and encourage that. If we only focus on what a child CANNOT do, they lose so much, self-esteem suffers, and anxiety takes over! 

Understanding where the Science of Reading fits in the BIG PICTURE of what your child needs will lead to a way better outcome for success for your child. Not every child learns exactly the same way. What we do know is that the most effective way for kids to succeed in reading is for them to make connections: with their teacher, with words and with their experiences. If we listen and observe, they will show us what they need.

At 3D Learner, we provide an Integrated, Engaging, Fun and Effective way to improve reading fluency and reading comprehension.

If you would like to discuss how you can put your child on their Pathway to Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension Success call us at 561-361-7495 or click here to schedule a no cost Pathway to Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension Success Conversation.

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