Creating BOLD Goals

September 23, 2020

We have seen many examples where the school sets goals for subskills, like phonics, but does not set goals for the most critical skill, which is reading comprehension. In our book, “The 3D Learner, Transform Stress to Outrageous Success for your Child” we discuss the value of assessing your child’s present reading level and setting BOLD goals to improve reading comprehension and other important academic objectives and goals.

Let us share a slightly off topic but relevant example:
A friend had adopted 11 children, and the summers were hot. The dad was asked if he could get a swimming pool; yet on a teacher’s salary, that was out of the question. He set a goal to “find a swimming pool – for free by Friday.”

Driving home that night he was delighted to see a sign that said, “Swimming Pool for Free”

He stopped the car and told the pool owner how fortunate it was that the sign went up the same day he had the goal.

The pool owner said, “That sign has been up for over 3 months.”

The dad had driven right past that EXACT sign every single day of the week for over three months, probably 60 times, without noticing the sign.

The lesson of this story is: “When you set and affirm BOLD goals, the answer often appears”

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