Learning Disabilities and ADHD are often confusing. AT 3D Learner, we are often asked to explain learning disabilities and ADHD to parents and students.   ADHD — The Inattentive Type has been described as a difference in brain wiring that makes paying attention difficult.

We agree with this description. At 3D Learner we:

  • We use the term learning disabilities to get services at school, and use the term learning differences when appropriate.
  • We teach the way visual learners learn to improve reading comprehension, standardized test scores and so much more (e.g. spelling, mastery of math facts, working memory, processing speed, eye-teaming, etc)
  • We address the attention issue with tools like the Interactive Metronome ® and Brain Gym ®
  • We support parents to be the coach and advocate your child needs
  • We partner with parents and schools to help the child reach his or her potential

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