Traits of Visual Learners

October 8, 2020

Visual learners think in pictures—often very vivid, creative imaginations.

These are often movies with a lot of action and movement. If taught to use these abilities, reading and learning for them is easy. If they are taught early to “shut it down” to learn NOT using these skills, they can often struggle. They are not confident in their “new” skill and have lost confidence in their natural skill.

They are whole- to part learners—they need to see the “big picture”. Once they connect and understand what the end result is to look like , they can go back to fill in details. This is especially true when writing. They need to draw out the entire paper and then go back and build it. Goal setting is extremely important for Visual Learners.

Seeing patterns and relationships and how things go together—Great builders and Lego® builders, but beyond that, they “see” personal relationships as well.

They have a “7th” sense about people and emotions.

Some can be emotional and sensitive themselves, but they are very sensitive about others, and those who are”wronged”- as strong sense of justice.  It is possible that they misread others emotions if spoken to- they are very aware of tone of voice and body language.

They are always seeking some sort of order- although sequencing can be off. Because they are quick to look at the big picture- letters in words can be out of order. It is important to build sequencing and visual memory.

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