For the right brain or visual learner, private schools can be a challenge

If your child is struggling at private school, especially in elementary school, there is a good chance they:

  • Are a right brain or visual learner
  • Are below grade level in reading comprehension
  • Have executive function challenges
  • May have anxiety and/or behavioral challenges

If this describes your child, we have found that they can be far more successful with strategies that:

  • Capitalize on their strengths to improve their reading comprehension and love for learning
  • Identifies and addresses the relevant challenges
  • Is designed to help them maximize their potential

Is your child a right brain or visual learner?  Have you noticed that they:

  • Remember places visited, even from years ago?
  • Learn best when they see and experience information?
  • Have a reading comprehension level well below their peers?

These creative “out of box” learners are the students we help.

The challenges for them at private schools are:

  • The best private schools often pride themselves for having a more rigorous curriculum and being a year ahead of public schools,  This makes life much harder for the smart struggling right brain or visual learner
  • Their tutoring programs are often limited and one dimensional.  This approach is hard for a right brain or visual learner who often does not have a good working memory, skips words and lines when reading and/or is bored with the process
  • In many States now, the demand for private school seats exceeds the supply, and they can simply say “we do not have the resources to help your child.”
  • We are seeing more private schools than ever suggesting to parents that their child may not be right for their school.

If your child is struggling at a private school and you want to understand what can be done to improve their performance, give us a call at 561-361-7495 and or click here to schedule a Private School Conversation.

The good news is your right brain or visual learner can often succeed

Donna called us with this exact problem. Her third grader was two years below grade level and his private school was suggesting they go elsewhere.  Donna found us on the internet and called us.  After a 10 minute conversation she commented, “How is it that after 10 minutes, you appear to know my child better than people who have known him for years?’

We explained that our specialty is working with kids like her son who are:

  • Far smarter than their present level of reading comprehension would indicate
  • A right brain or visual learner
  • Appear to have working memory and attention challenges.   

With our help, he was able to make significant gains over the summer and stay in that private school.  The testing the next year showed he had improved his reading comprehension 3 grade levels in a year.  His teacher commented, “Bobby made more progress in a year than any student I have had in 27 years of teaching”.

We have had many similar cases including:

A student whose parents were told to hold their child back.  She went from one of the weakest readers in her class to the top reading group after completing our program.  Even better, in a reading contest over a month, she read 720 pages, while the second place reader read only 374 pages and the average student read 172 pages.  When her mom asked her how she went from a non reader to an avid reader she commented, “3D Learner taught me how to visualize what I read, do you know how cool that is?”

A parent was told, by a professional, not to even consider a private school where the work would be too demanding.  With our help, their son went from the 58th to the 99th percentile in reading comprehension.  He went on to become valedictorian at that prestigious private school and proceeded to graduate from Harvard.
Note: in this case, the psychologist had recommended two more dyslexia treatments.  After he mom said these types of programs did not help her son and asked if there was a different approach, the psychologist then recommended 3D Learner. 

A word of caution.  Sometimes the school is right.  For the right brain or visual learner with a below average IQ, the most demanding private school may not be the right place.  These cases happen and we work with parents to find the right place for their child.

Note: the catalyst for the 3D Learner Program ® was when we were told our daughter had limited potential and was not “college material”.  She is now close to completing her Doctorate in Education.  We love helping kids to succeed whose parents have been told something similar.  No one has the right to put limitations on what kids CAN DO!  The right brain or visual learner can often make far more progress than others thought possible,

If your child is struggling at a private school and you want to understand what can be done to improve their performance, give us a call at 561-361-7495 and or click here to schedule a Private School Conversation.

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