Parenting a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner, attending a Private School, Can be Challenging. How You Can Make the Difference

Parenting a bright right brain kinesthetic learner has been made more challenging as the request for private school slots exceeds availability.  With a new Florida Law likely to provide private school vouchers for many more students, we expect private school demand to accelerate for the 2023-24 school year and beyond.

In this blog post, we will cover 3 scenarios where parenting a bright right brain kinesthetic learner has gotten harder, why it will get worse and what parents can do about it.  

Given the very competitive nature of private schools, as a parent, you may find yourself wanting some help.  We are only a phone call away.  We have helped many parents navigate through some tough challenges, and best of all, we have helped many students do far better in private schools than others thought possible.

Consider how much different your child’s live would be when:

  • Your child is doing far better in school.
  • Your child’s self-esteem is much higher, and their anxiety is much lower.
  • Their reading comprehension is 2 years better than it is now.
  • Math is now a strength and math homework takes much less time and is done right.
  • They are performing much better in a non-academic effort – karate, sports, music etc.
  • Your anxiety and frustration is much lower.

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What is a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner

It’s important that we understand that we all have different strengths and areas that need strengthening. We DO learn differently, and although we need to learn using all modalities, when a child is struggling, it is important that learning is targeting a child’s strengths. A student who learns best when he or she sees and experiences information is how we characterize a BRIGHT Right BRAIN KINESTHETIC LEARNER. They often learn best when they can discover patterns and do far better with experiential learning that combines visual, kinesthetic and engaging strategies.

These students often struggle with:

  • Reading comprehension and math, especially word problems
  • Executive function issues (e.g., working memory, processing speed and attention)
  • Auditory or Visual processing issues

These bright right brain kinesthetic learners face several challenges that make private schools challenging:

  • They are often a lot smarter than their reading comprehension or math skills would indicate.
  • Private schools often rely on entrance exams that are difficult for these students to pass-they are very “wordy”!
  • Private school curriculums are often a year ahead of the public school’s curriculum.  For a student who is a year or two below grade level, this puts them two or three years below what is expected.
  • Many private schools are now offering expensive tutoring that schools may require, but they may not be what your child needs. Understanding HOW your child learns, is vital.

With Help, Many Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners Can Succeed

Michael’s parents were furious.  Despite a 132 IQ, the psychologist had recommended her son not go to a rigorous private school.  He recommended another year of phonics-based training and that the parents enroll Michael in a school for students with learning disabilities and dyslexia.  Looking at the two dyslexia treatments that were recommended, mom asked the psychologist, “Is there a third option that teaches the way my son learns?”.

He referred them to 3D Learner.  Mom called us from the psychologist’s parking lot.

The first three questions piqued mom’s interests:

  • Does your child remember places visited, even from years ago?
  • Does your child learn best when he sees and experiences information?
  • Is your child a lot smarter than present results would indicate?

It turns out Michael was a bright right brain kinesthetic learner with working memory and processing speed issues.  We were able to significantly improve his reading comprehension, executive function skills and his confidence.  Note, many right brain kinesthetic learners have excellent memories for what they see and experience, but not for what they read or hear.  They are processing a great deal of information, but their visual processing issues often slows down their reading. 

Michael did much better from day one, and he got into the rigorous private school and even better …

The young man graduated high school near the top of his class and later graduated from MIT. 

⇒  All because mom decided to pursue a strength-based option for learning.

Her comment was, “You changed his attitude about himself and that was 90 percent of the battle”.   KF Parkland, FL 

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The Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner Struggling to Keep Up

Sarah was struggling to keep up.  The school recommended grade retention.  When the parents rejected that, tutoring was recommended.  Again, not consistent with what this bright right brain kinesthetic learner needed.   Mom called a friend and described her challenge.  The friend said, “I cannot help you, but I think Denise can”.  Mom then called Denise and after an hour, they realized that both had smart kids who learned differently.  Mom called and they came for the 3D Learner Program ®.  Sarah was initially the lowest reader in her class and she avoided reading.  By the next school year, she was at the top of her class in reading comprehension and the most avid reader.  In a month-long competition, the average student read 180 pages, her best friend read 360 pages; Sarah read 720 pages.  When asked why she now loved reading, Sarah said, “3D Learner taught me how to create videos and visuals for what I read, do you know how cool that is?” 

The parents commented, “You showed us our daughter’s gifts, and helped transform her into an outrageously successful student”  Mr and Mrs R, Florida

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⇒ All because a mom and dad chose to take the path less traveled.

The Student Who Is Doing OK, Can Often Excel, and Parents Are Not Aware Their Child is a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner

Parents are often baffled by the challenges their child faces.  Many parents of bright right brain kinesthetic learners are not aware of their child’s strengths.  Mary was visiting a friend, whose dyslexic son had been struggling in school.  Mary and her friend were sitting in the kitchen when the young man walked into the living room with a book and devoured it.  Mary asked, “What happened?  Jake never read like that before.

Mom indicated they had come to us.  Mary asked, “Does 3D Learner help kids who do not have dyslexia, are doing OK, but have the potential to do far better?”  Her friend answered, “Yes, they do”. They help students who are creative and learn differently. Give them a call.”

Mary did and her daughter blossomed after our training.   She went from a C- student to an A student and her confidence soared.

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Some Private Schools Are Not Right for Certain Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners

We have had cases where a school was not the right fit for a child.  This is especially true when the school caters to the very bright and often gifted, high achieving students, and the student in question has a below average IQ.

Nancy had a case like this with her third child Max.  Her other two children were well suited to this highly competitive school, but Max was not.  In this case, we worked with the parents to find the right school.  Since there was no room for the balance of the school year at the new school, we worked out a win-win situation where Max could stay at his present school, and we would supplement his education.

Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners Can Often Excel, with the Right Help

If your child is facing challenges with a private school, consider four things:

  • Is your child a lot smarter than present results would indicate?
  • Might your child be a bright right brain kinesthetic learner, who would benefit from a different approach?
  • Would you like to know how your child can make significant gains in months
  • Would you like help from a Parenting Guide, who specializes in helping Parents to Navigate the Private School Puzzle.

Note, while the majority of our students are bright right brain kinesthetic learners, we also help students with executive function and related challenges

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