Parents, Help Your Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner Succeed in a Private School Setting

We have had a number of calls from private school parents of bright right brain kinesthetic learners, (i.e., kids who learn best when they see and experience information).  The private schools are flagging academic, or behavior challenges and the parents are not sure what to do.  The surge in demand for private school slots is increasing the pressure on parents to either help their child improve or find another private school.  It is important to note that Florida private school enrollment has continued to increase over the last nine years.

We expect this demand to continue as more families move from the Northeast, prefer private schools, an increase in state funded voucher programs, and with the increasing frustration with public schools. 

The challenge for parents of smart struggling students is that private schools can now be more selective and may ask more parents of struggling students to find another school for their child.  Even worse, with the pandemic, many smart struggling students are even further behind as a result of the pandemic.

Parental Challenge, Especially for Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners

We have had a number of calls from parents this year asking about their options.  Their child is struggling, the schools are making the parents aware of their child’s challenges, and now the ball is in the parent’s court.  Some parents, who transferred from public or charter schools, are finding that the services and accommodations that were legally mandated at public and charer schools, need to be negotiated at private schools.

To make matters even more challenging, more private schools are shifting to phonics-based training.  This may address one of the challenges their child has, but it does not address 4 big challenges.  First, many of these students learn best when they see and experience information.  They are what we call bright right brain kinesthetic learners.  The phonics training certainly helps with reading fluency (i.e. how efficiently one reads), but it may not help as much with reading comprehension, math and writing deficits; second, many of these students have executive function issues (i.e. attention, working memory and processing speed) that virtually no schools address; third, visual processing issues (i.e. when a child skips words and lines when reading) are often not identified or addressed: and your child may now be more anxious and frustrated.  In some cases, this may result in behavior challenges.

At 3D Learner, our goal is to address the whole child with an integrated, engaging and effect effort

Helping the Frustrated Parent with a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner

We have helped kids like these for over 25 years.  Three advantages we offer parents are:  We are collaborative advocates who can help you navigate a tense conversation; second, our assessment process is designed to identify a student’s learning style, strengths and challenges; and our learning process can be tailored to result in significant gains within months.  This allows a student to succeed and opens up more options for the next school year.

Every situation is different. In a number of cases, we have helped the student make dramatic gains and allow the student to be far more successful than even their parents thought possible. In most cases, the student is able to stay at their present school. In rare cases, we help the parents to find a better placement for their child. Most changes are for the next school year, but occasionally immediately, when there is a need to change schools right away.

For parents of smart kids who learn differently and have multiple issues or difficulties, it is important to understand that:  collaboration with private schools is important.  They are not legally bound to provide extra services or accommodations.  Second, for the child who learns differently, it is helpful to identify how your child learns best and what their challenges are.  Third, outside help can be tailored to help your child succeed within months.

Since every situation is different, we offer a no cost 15-minute conversation to understand your options and to explore ways to work more effectively with your child’s school, to improve performance and to increase your options for next year.  

If you would like to have a no cost conversation to discuss your bright right brain kinesthetic learner or any other issue, you can either:

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