Dyslexia Treatment for the Right-Brain Kinesthetic Learner

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Many students with dyslexia are a right brain kinesthetic learner.  We start with 7 key premises:

  • The right brain kinesthetic learner learns best when they see and experience information.  
  • A dyslexia treatment needs to address phonics and phonemic awareness
  • The right brain kinesthetic learner often has a visual processing issue.  They tend to have good peripheral vision, but their eyes often have difficulty converging.  This results in their skipping words and lines when reading.  We identify and address this issue, and work with optometrists.
  • Working memory, processing speed and/or attention issues are quite common in this population.  These are often the kids who can hyper focus on a video game and know the rules but have difficulty paying attention to that which is boring.  
  • Too often the right brain kinesthetic learner is defined by what he or she cannot do.  These kids are often much smarter than present results would indicate
  • Many of these kids fall further and further behind, but significant progress can be made in months
  • Informed, Empowered and Proactive Parents Make The Difference

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A Mom on a Search for a Dyslexia Treatment That Works

A bright right brain kinesthetic learner had never come up in three years of her searching.

Mom was searching for a better dyslexia treatment.  Her dyslexic daughter was really struggling with:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Dyslexia
  • ADHD
  • Homework time and stress — where it was often taking 2.5 hours to complete in 4th grade
  • Self-esteem and anxiety

We asked mom what she had tried.  The first dyslexia treatment was done by a traditional dyslexia tutor.  The second was an investment of over $34,000.  The challenge was her daughter’s reading comprehension was still at the 1st grade level as she entered 5th grade.

She knew her daughter had dyslexia and ADHD but was unsure what would help.

When she read an internet article on the right brain learner with dyslexia she was intrigued.  Her daughter did learn best when she saw and experienced information.

It surprised her that most students with dyslexia are what we call right brain kinesthetic learners.

The terms right brain learner, kinesthetic learner and visual learner — are often used to describe the same child.

When she completed our visual learner screening tool, it was clear her daughter was a visual learner and would benefit from an approach that played to her strengths.

Mom was really surprised when she did our visual screening tool.  Her daughter’s answers showed she appeared to have a significant visual processing issue.

But mom was confused.  How could her daughter:

  • Be a right brain kinesthetic learner without anyone ever identifying it
  • Have what appeared to be a visual processing issues that no one ever identified
  • Be struggling for years, without the right help — despite a massive investment of time and money

Mom then scheduled a no cost Stress to Success Conversation with 3D Learner, and learned that …

A Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner with Dyslexia, Executive Function and/or a Visual Processing Issue – is More Common Than You Might Think

Mom asked if Dyslexia, Executive Function challenges, and Visual Processing issues were often present in a right brain kinesthetic learner. One or both are often present. The Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner often has executive function and
visual processing issues, and may have dyslexia

Mom’s concerns included:

  • Reading comprehension that was at the first-grade level — and her daughter was in 5th grade
  • Her daughter was a slow reader and avoided reading
  • Homework was taking 2.5 hours a night for both her daughter and mom
  • Anxiety was rising for both of them
  • There was no time to be a kid and enjoy life
The family was from Texas, and we are in Florida.

They came to Florida for a week and there were some clear issues and opportunities:

  • We confirmed that her daughter’s reading comprehension was at the first-grade level
  • Her reading speed was 115 words per minute, much slower than normal
  • Attention was an issue
  • The visual processing issue was real
  • Mom dad and their child were eager to succeed

Over the next 6 months, their daughter improved as follows:

  • Reading comprehension improved 4 grade levels 
  • Reading speed doubled
  • Homework time decreased as follows:
    • 50 percent for their daughter — saving over 6 hours a week
    • 2 hours a night for mom — saving 10 hours a week
  • Visual processing improved
  • Their daughter learned how to learn as a right brain kinesthetic learner

If You Suspect Your Child is a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner

Download our “Is your child a visual learner” screening tool”  

If your child has 10 or more of the characteristics, your child may well be a visual learner

Download our “Does my child have a visual processing issue” screening tool. Score one point for each infrequently, two points for sometimes, three points for fairly often and four points for always.  A total of 16 points or higher indicates a visual processing challenge may exist.

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