Parenting Your Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner, The Bigger The Why, The Better The Results

Parenting a bright right brain kinesthetic learner can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you hear:

  • You need to be more realistic, your child is not …
  • This private school is too rigorous for your child, maybe you should consider your options
  • Parents can save $20,000, $30,000 or even $60,000 a year by improving their child’s performance and transferring them from a private school, often an academy, into a very good public school 
  • You cannot expect your child to make more than a year’s gain within a year
  • You don’t need to do anything extra for your child, someone needs to be average

Despite being a lot smarter than present results would indicate, bright right brain kinesthetic learners often struggle for years.  This is despite parents who often go above and beyond to help their child succeed.

If you are a parent with a child who is a lot smarter than present results would indicate, we recommend adopting the motto, “Success is the Only Option”.  This is also the title of the first chapter in our book, “The 3D Learner, Transform Stress to Outrageous Success for Your Child”.  Click here to download a no cost digital copy of “The 3D Learner” or click here to purchase The 3D Learner on Amazon.  The book goes through a 7 step process to go from Stress to Outrageous Success.

Below, we discuss how some of our parents responded and what our Big WHY was.

All our successes started with a parent calling us to discuss the possibilities.  For immediate help, either:
Call us at 561-361-7495 or
–  Click here to schedule a no cost Have a Big Why Conversation


Our Big Why for our Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners and Others

When we were told our daughter was not college material, we rejected the statement.  When Mark turned to our daughter and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, she responded, “The teacher I never had”.  The school then recommended putting our daughter on a vocational track for high school, saying she could be a teacher’s aide.  I asked if that would impact her getting accommodations for the SAT and was told, “She will not need accommodations for the SAT, because she will not take them”.

That is when I became a “Mom on a Mission”

With what has become known as the 3D Learner Program ® our daughter improved her reading comprehension 4.2 grade levels in 7 months and later got her Master’s in Education from the University of Florida.  She is now in her 19th year of teaching, and she has become the Teacher She Never Had.  

Our BIG WHY for helping others, is about helping the many bright right brain kinesthetic learners to be far more successful than almost anyone thought they could be.  We believe eventually, these kids will use their creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills to change the world.

In our blog posts, YouTube videos and other articles, our goal is to help parents to be Informed, Empowered and Proactive to help their child to be as successful as possible.


This Private School May Not Be Right for Your Child

Private schools are saying this more now than at any point in our history.  Below are two cases, where parents rejected the advice and got the help their child needed.

Diane was told by her son’s school to look elsewhere.  Her son’s reading comprehension was two years below grade level, and they knew the work was going to get harder.

We started the conversation by asking about his strengths, with questions like:

  • Does your child remember places visited, even from years ago?
  • Does your child learn best when he sees and experiences information?
  • Does your child struggle to pay attention to that which is boring, and can he hyperfocus on that which fascinates him?

After a few minutes mom commented, “How is it you know my son better than people who have known him for years after just a few minutes.  We explained that this is who we help – Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learners with significant upside potential.

With our help, her son improved his reading comprehension 3 grade levels in a year and made more progress than any student his teacher had had in 27 years of teaching.

Another mom was told that her son would not succeed at a prestigious private school despite having a high IQ.  

After looking at the recommendation for two dyslexia treatments, the mom asked if there was a program that taught to her son’s strengths.  3D Learner was recommended.

With our help, her son got into the school, became the valedictorian and later went to Harvard.  This is not a typical result, but it only happened because mom had a Big Why and asked for a program that taught to her son’s strengths.

Many programs do not yield the desired result for a bright right brain kinesthetic learner because they do not:

  • Work with the parents to identify their WHY, set BOLD Goals and know how to make them happen
  • Assess to see if their child is a bright right brain kinesthetic learner, nor do they necessarily assess for executive function, visual processing, dyslexia and related challenges
  • Teach to the child’s strengths with an experiential learning methodology that has helped thousands of students
  • Identify and address the relevant executive function challenges
  • Identify and address the visual processing problems that are often present
  • Address dyslexia, where it is present
  • Ignite a love for learning
  • Help the parents be the coach and advocate their child needs


An Alternative to Spending $20,000 to $60,000 a Year

At one of our parent webinars, a mom that was attending realized early on in the presentation that her son was a bright right brain kinesthetic learner.  We really got her attention when we shared it was possible to avoid the $25000 annual expense she was incurring, to invest in the right program and to build a college fund of over $300,000 for her son.  Mom now had her WHY and invested in our effort.

The next year she transferred to a public school and  the following year he was accepted into the gifted program. 

Note, when you improve working memory, processing speed, attention, visual processing and academic skills, a student’s IQ can also improve.

It is also quite common for a Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner to get into trouble when the work is boring and not challenging.  Conversely, they often thrive in more challenging classes when they have the skills to succeed.


Overcoming The Low Expectations in Public School

We are strong public school advocates, but too often the schools have low expectations.

We have had a number of cases where a school tells a parent their child cannot make more than a year’s progress in a year’s time.  We know that our students have made two, three and occasionally four year’s gains in that timeframe. 

In another case, a mom asked the principal what she could do to help her daughter who was at the 48th percentile in reading comprehension.  He said there was no need to do anything, someone had to be average.

Mom called us.  She was delighted to see the shift from a “What’s wrong” perspective to “what is right. “ When you understand  that your child is a bright right brain kinesthetic learner with incredible upside potential, it changes everything.

Mom had her Big WHY and within 6 months her daughter improved from the 48th to the 95th percentile in reading comprehension  and she blossomed as a young adult.  

We have had cases where for reading comprehension :

  • Students with well below average IQs made two year’s gains within 6 months.  
  • Elementary school students made 3 year gains
  • Middle and high school students who made 3 and even 4 year gains within 6 months

This was all because their parents had a Big WHY, and they invested the time and money to make it happen.


Understanding The Past, Developing Your WHY and Finding the Right Partner

Like many of our parents, we made a number of investments that did not yield the desired result.  

We recommend you consider:

  • What is your Big WHY
  • What are your child’s strengths and challenges
  • If your child is a bright right brain kinesthetic learner, consider a strength-based approach and strength based parenting
  • Who can make the difference for your child in partnership with you?
Note, we strive to help both parents of bright right brain kinesthetic learners and others to put their child on the Pathway from Stress to Outrageous Success. Do not hesitate to engage in a conversation.

All our successes started with a parent calling us to discuss the possibilities.  For immediate help, either:
Call us at 561-361-7495 or
–  Click here to schedule a no cost Have a Big Why Conversation

In our next blog post, we will focus on assessing to see if your child:
   Is a bright right brain kinesthetic learner
   What executive function or visual processing issues are holding your child back
   Does your child have dyslexia
   What is your child’s present level of reading comprehension
–   How can you help your child be all they can be


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