Small changes make a big difference

The Visual Weekly Planner

It is so much easier for children to adapt to a schedule when they know what is coming.

Give this a try and see the difference it can make.

Use our Visual Schedule (or design your own) to plan for the next week.

  • Work on this together with your child. This not only increases their ownership of the process, but it can also be fun.
  • Identify all the key activities and when they occur. This includes specific times for waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, going to school, and coming home.
  • Include things like doctor’s appointments, after-school activities, snacks, homework time, playtime, dinner time, and more.
  • Include your obligations as well. Like “mommy work time”- that way they know they need to find something to do independently during this time.
  • Review it every night before going to bed so that your child can start to picture what their next day, and the rest of the week, is going to look like.

Creating a visual schedule with your child is one example of how the right visual tool can make a big difference and help alleviate the anxiety many children have making transitions.

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