Transformational Parenting For Your Neurodivergent Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner – Now is the Time to Get It Right

Is your child a smart struggling neurodivergent kinesthetic learner who:

  • Learns best when he or she sees and experiences information
  • Has many strengths and a number of challenges
  • Is a lot smarter than present results would indicate

28 years ago, we realized that despite having excellent teachers, tutors and learning centers, our daughter was still struggling.  “As an educator, I realized there had to be a better way”, says Mira Halpert who has her Master’s in Education from the University of Michigan and is the Founder and Director of the 3D Learner Program ®.   Over the last 27 years, we have helped thousands of students succeed, with a program that:

  • Teaches to our student’s strengths
  • Identifies and addresses their challenges 
  • Produces significant gains in months in academics, executive function and self-confidence

As one parent said after our workshop, “You described my child to a T”, Gail D, Coral Springs.

Her son went from a struggling student at a special school for students with learning differences to a public school, where he later qualified and succeeded in their gifted program.  

Another parent commented, “You showed us our daughter’s gifts and helped transform her into an outrageously successful student”.  Dr. R St Petersburg, FL.  

Their daughter was almost retained at a private school and the next year was in the highest reading group and her anxiety challenges were no longer an issue.  When asked how she became such a prolific reader the young lady commented, “3D Learner taught me how to visualize what I read, do you know how cool that is?”. 


At 3D Learner, we have found that success starts by helping parents to be Informed, Empowered and Proactive Parents focused on making the difference for their child.  Thanks to Dr. Marie Rogers, we are delighted to be offering a no cost workshop at Atlantic Behavioral Health.  The details are as follows:

How to Get It Right Starting Now!!

On Saturday September 23rd, from 10 am to Noon,
at Atlantic Behavioral Health
50 NE 26th Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33062
we will be conducting an Interactive Workshop for Parents of
Neurodivergent, Bright Right Brain, Kinesthetic Learners


We will be focusing on creating a Pathway to Success for Your Child to
Get It Right Now!!! 
Seating is limited.  Call 3D Learner at 561-361-7495 to discuss what we are offering and to reserve your spot or click here to schedule a call.

7 Items We Will Discuss

  • Why your child might be struggling and yet, have so much upside potential
  • Why it is important to reject the status quo now and to commit to helping your child to be all he or she can be starting now
  • The value of the right assessment — that highlights your child’s:
    •    Strengths
    •    Challenges
    •    Present level of performance
    •    Potential
  • The value of writing BOLD Goals, affirming them and then and making it happen.
  • The value of working with the right team, that might include psychologists, educators, optometrists, teachers, and/or others, where appropriate.
  • The value of:
    •    Journaling
    •    Mindfulness
    •    Visual schedules
    •    A real commitment to Success
    •    Using tools that create the right picture for your child
    •    Being Informed, Empowered and Proactive Parents
  • Creating a Pathway to Success for your child and you
To discuss your situation and/or to register for the event, call 3D Learner at 561-361-7495 or click here to schedule a call.

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