Small changes make a big difference: The visual schedule

January 21, 2021

Why is it so stressful for your child to get ready for school or bedtimeAre you always late for things? We’ve experienced how frustrating it can be. Our children had little sense of time and, not coincidentally, had difficulty with reading comprehension. 

Problems with reading and time can be indicators of a deeper issue. By researching how we could help understand these behaviors, we discovered our children were Visual Learners. The problem wasn’t their ability to learn, it was finding a different way to teach. Traditional schools aren’t designed for the way Visual Learners process information. 

Small changes make a big difference.

We soon learned how important visual aides were to their comprehension so we created the 3D Learning Program. It is a pragmatic approach that gives you and your child the tools you need to thrive. 

Some things are so simple yet so powerful. One of them is to use a family visual schedule

Use our Visual Schedule (link below) to plan for the next week. Work together (It is really important for your child to feel part of the process) to identify all the key obligations and activities and when they occur. This includes specific times for waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast,  going to school, and coming home. Include things like doctor’s appointments, after-school activities, snacks, homework time, playtime, dinner time, and more. Put in your obligations as well. Like “mommy work time”- that way they know they need to find something to do independently during this time.

You will find that being able to see their activities makes it easier for your child to complete them. Transitions become easier as children know what to expect. You can even review it every night before going to bed so that your child can start to picture what their next day, and the rest of the week, is going to look like.

Creating a visual schedule together with your child is one example of how the right visual tool can make an enormous difference for a Visual Learner.

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