Sample Letter to Share with a Teacher if your child is a right brain kinesthetic learner

Dear [Teacher’s Name],

I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to provide you with some insights into my learning style and preferences as a student. I am a right brain kinesthetic learner, which means that I have unique strengths and challenges that might affect my learning experience in the classroom.

  • Hands-On Learning: I thrive when I can engage in hands-on activities and experiences. Interactive projects, experiments, and practical demonstrations are fantastic ways for me to grasp and retain information effectively.
  • Movement and Exploration: I learn best when I am allowed to move around and explore my environment. Incorporating movement-based activities, such as games that involve physical actions, can greatly enhance my learning experience.
  • Creativity and Imagination: My right brain dominance fuels my creativity and imagination. Encouraging artistic endeavors, storytelling, and imaginative tasks will enable me to express myself and understand concepts more deeply.
  • Attention Span: I might struggle with sitting still for extended periods. It could be helpful to incorporate short breaks or movement-based transitions to help me refocus and maintain my attention.
  • Sequential Processing: I might find it challenging to follow strict step-by-step instructions. Breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable parts and using visual aids can assist me in understanding and completing assignments. I’m a “big picture” learner. I need to have an idea of what the end product looks like. Modeling lessons really helps.
  • Verbal Instructions: I may not fully grasp concepts if they are solely explained verbally. Providing visual aids, diagrams, or practical examples can greatly enhance my understanding of complex ideas. If I tell you “I don’t understand“ something, please rephrase it so I get a better picture in my head. Remember- it takes me a little more time to process information because I have to “download a picture” to understand what I need to do.
  • Organization: Keeping track of materials and assignments might be difficult for me. Providing clear organizational tools, such as visual schedules or color-coded instructions, can help me stay on track. Having my own visual schedule will help. Helping me with my planner would be appreciated. Sometimes just writing/copying what the assignments are is stressful. I can do the work, but writing all the assignments can be difficult. We can work on that together this year. 

I am excited about the upcoming school year and eager to learn in a way that suits my unique learning style. By incorporating a variety of kinesthetic and creative teaching strategies, I believe we can make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for me.

Thank you for taking the time to understand my learning style better. I’m looking forward to a productive and successful year in your classroom.


[Student’s Name] [Student’s Signature, if applicable]

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