Parenting Your Bright Right Brain Kinesthetic Learner, Get It Right For Your Child, Starting NOW!!!

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Parenting a right brain kinesthetic learner can be incredibly frustrating because:

  • These students learn differently and struggle in school
  • May not respond to interventions that focus on their weaknesses
  • They often work twice as hard as other kids, and they still fall further behind

Conversely, parenting a right brain kinesthetic learner can be rewarding when you:

  • Capitalize on their strengths
  • Identify and address their challenges
  • Boost their self-esteem, lower their anxiety and unleash their true potential

If your child is struggling in school, you may be told:

  • Do not worry they will catch up
  • Your child is in RTI (Response to Intervention) or MTSS (Multiple Tiered Systems of Supports) and we do not evaluate a child until they have completed this process or
  • Your child just needs to work harder
  • Your child just needs to improve their reading fluency (i.e., how well they can read).  We know our students often have a reading fluency issue (dyslexia) but they often learn differently and have a visual processing, attention, working memory and/or processing speed issue that impact reading fluency, reading comprehension, math, anxiety and so much more
  • Lots of kids are behind and many are further behind than your child

As parents, we heard all these comments.  We fought hard for our kids, until we were told in 8th grade our daughter was not college material.  They said her reading comprehension was 3 years below grade level and it was best to put her on a vocational track for high school.  Their contention was that she needed to be prepared for a job that did not require a college education.

Her dad asked her “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  Her response, “The teacher I never had”.

When the guidance counselor suggested she could be a teacher’s aide, our heads virtually exploded.

Her mother, who has a Master’s in Education, became a “Mom on a Mission” and: 

  • Discovered: our daughter was a bright right brain kinesthetic learner who could do far better with a strength-based approach that taught her to improve her vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • Developed what has become known as the 3D Learner Program ® that helped our daughter improve her comprehension 4.2 grade levels in 7 months.  Note, in 2024 our daughter will have completed 20 years as a teacher, teaching students with autism, gifted kids and the RTI Program, and will earn her Doctorate in Education
  • 3D Learner has now helped thousands of students to make dramatic gains in their reading fluency, reading comprehension, self-confidence and so much more

Now, we are embarking on a program to help parents to be Informed, Empowered and Proactive Parents who Get It Right for Their Child, Starting NOW!!!

In this blog post we will focus on the benefits of rejecting the status quo, focusing on helping your child to be all they can be, Starting NOW!!! and to work with the right partners to make it happen.

In subsequent blog posts we will focus on:

  • Identifying your child’s learning style, strengths and challenges.  Then seeing what your child’s present level of performance is for academics, anxiety and confidence level.
  • Where appropriate, setting BOLD Goals that will make the difference for your child within months
  • Getting the right help for your child, acknowledging that it is often a combination of in school and out of school partners that can make the difference.  Collaboration is the key.
  • Being tenacious.  Committed to your child’s success and being open “on the how.”


Why Reject The Status Quo and Focus on Going from Stress to Outrageous Success


For students in the early grades, the data is compelling.  Almost 90 percent of the students with a word identification in 1st grade will become poor readers in 4th grade.  Over 70 percent of the third graders with a reading disability (dyslexia), will have a reading disability (dyslexia) in 12th grade.

Even worse, students with learning problems often fall much further behind in middle and high school.  A staggering 45% fall 3 to 4.9 years below grade level in their reading comprehension and an additional 21% fall 5 or more years below grade level.  

What is even worse is in 2022 and 2023, we have had students come to us without an identified reading problem who were 3 and even 4 years below grade level in their reading comprehension.  We have also seen a number of students in the earlier grades who lack the foundational skills needed to succeed.


The Good News, Students Can Often Improve Their Reading Comprehension 2, 3 and Even 4 Grade Levels within 4 to 6 Months with The Right Approach for Them


Note, students we see are very often:

  • Right brain kinesthetic learners who learn best when they see and experience information
  • Struggling with some combination of:
    • Executive function issues (e.g. attention, working memory and/poor processing speed) – over 90 percent of our clients have one or more of these challenges and often have 2 or 3
    • Visual processing issues.  This is where a student may skip words and lines when reading, have difficulty copying information, and their eyes are not working effectively as a team)
    • Dyslexia and/or learning disabilities
    • Anxiety and/or frustration challenges

If your child is a right brain kinesthetic learner, your child may do far better with an integrated, engaging and effective program that plays to their strengths and identifies and addresses their challenges

  • Are a lot smarter than present results would indicate.

When parents hear us speak or talk with us individually, they are delighted to realize that:

  • Reading fluency and reading comprehension can be significantly improved
  • Homework time and stress can be reduced
  • Anxiety and frustration can be reduced
  • Confidence and resilience can be built
  • It is possible to ignite a love for learning
  • There is a program that teaches them how to be even more effective coaches and advocates for their child
  • The Pathway to Success is in the parent’s control

If your child is struggling in school, we strongly recommend you reject the status quo now.

When you reject the status quo and focus on your child’s success, the next step is to Assess for Success.

Join us Wednesday night October 11th at 9 pm on our
3D Learner Facebook page or our YouTube Channel
for a discussion on
“If your child is struggling, why you should reject the status quo and focus on helping your child be all they can be”. 

 Click here to register for the event 


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