How To Avoid Third Grade Retention and Other Grade Retention Risks. Improve Reading Comprehension and Executive Function Skills

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There is a Silver Lining to Avoid Third Grade Retention and Other Grade Retention Risks

“Your child is at risk of third grade retention”, was the note from her daughter’s school.  Mom was not happy.  She called a friend who suggested she contact 3D Learner.  She immediately called us and we asked the following questions:

  • Does your child learn best when he sees and experiences information?
  • Does your child skip words and lines when reading?
  • Does your child lose focus when reading or taking tests?
  • Does your child read slowly?
  • Is your child a lot smarter than her present reading comprehension level would indicate?

Her answers were yes to all the questions, and she commented that it was like we knew her daughter.  

The friend had told her that we had helped her child increase her reading comprehension to above grade level and her daughter was reading above grade level on her 4th grade test.  She wanted to know if that was possible for her child. We explained that that is our goal.

The good news is that her daughter beat third grade retention, scored above grade level in 4th and 5th grades after working hard and completing the 3D Learner Program ®. She continues to do well in middle school.

We have helped many students beat both third grade retention and grade retention in the earlier grades.

We have a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Provide the student and the parent with strategies to produce better test results with exercises to reduce stress, recommendations on sleep and diet, how to make sure your child gets the accommodations that are prescribed in an IEP or 504 Plan, and how to talk to your child to reduce their stress and boost their confidence.  Click here for a video we created with “Strategies to reduce your child’s stress and anxiety”.  
  2. We understand all the Good Cause Exemptions that can be used to avoid third grade retention.   
  3. Significantly improve reading comprehension and test scores by:
      • Capitalizing on how our students learn best.  Most of our students are bright right brain kinesthetic learners, who do far better with our engaging and effective hands-on learning
      • Identifying and addressing visual processing issues, where needed.  Over 70 percent of the students we test either skip words and lines when reading and/or read slowly
      • Identifying the executive function skills that are impacting a student’s performance.  This might include attention, working memory and/or processing speed
      • Addressing the relevant decoding, phonemic awareness and reading fluency challenges, whether or not a child has dyslexia
      • Teaching the student visualization skills to relate and understand what they are reading
      • We strive to ignite a love for learning
      • Systematically improving reading comprehension levels — often by 2 grade levels over 3 to 6 months

This visual explains the 3D Learner Process

Most students at risk for third grade retention or any other grade retention are often a right brain kinesthetic learner and often struggle with visual processing, executive function deficits, dyslexia and/or anxiety.  The best way to help these students is to significantly improve their reading comprehension and test scores by capitalizing on their strengths, addressing their challenges and building their self-esteem and confidence.


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Background Information on Third Grade Retention & Other Grade Retention

Mandatory third grade retention is a key strategy some states use.  Sometimes this results in schools using grade retention in earlier grades.  The theory is that students need to be on grade level by the end of third grade in order to succeed.  In states like Florida, third grade retention laws have been in place for over 20 years.  The short-term benefits from grade retention tend to dissipate over time.  As a parent, if your child is facing grade retention, the pressure is real — on both your child and you.

Note, most students at risk for grade retention are right brain kinesthetic learners, who can significantly improve their reading comprehension skills with a strength-based approach.

5 points for parents to consider:

  1. There are many ways to avoid third grade retention and grade retention in earlier grades.  In Florida, there are a number of good cause exemptions to third grade retention.  Here is a link to a Florida Department of Education document that describes the options.
  2. Note, there are some parents who are focused on having students opt out of the end of year testing. One word of caution: the easiest path to promotion is to get a Level 2 on the last test given in May. It requires your child to be at about the 20th percentile.  If you opt out, all the other options are harder to achieve.
  3. Encourage parents to get more help, so their child no longer struggles.
    Note, virtually all students at risk for grade retention are well below grade level in reading comprehension.
  4. To provide an option where the goal is to help your child to become Outrageously Successful in months by improving reading comprehension, executive functions skills and reducing anxiety.
  5. To encourage those who would like more information to

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