Could your child be a Visual Learner? What are the best interventions to help support them?

Is your child a Visual Learner?

  • Does your child remember places visited, even from years ago?
  • Does your child learn best when they see and experience information?
  • Is your child a lot smarter than present results would indicate?

Your smart struggling child may be a Visual Learner. 

The Visual Learner struggles in school because traditional teaching methods often miss the foundational skills they need to master the curriculum.  

We have identified 7 key challenges that have become more urgent since the educational shifts brought on by Covid:

  1. The Visual Learner is further behind in reading comprehension than they might have been in a regular school year.
  2. Many studies show that the math drop is even larger than the reading comprehension gap.
  3. Schools are overwhelmed and getting specific services needed for the Visual Learner continues to be a struggle.
  4. Processing issues are often not identified or addressed.
  5. Anxiety issues for the child, parent, and the teachers continue to grow.
  6. Most school-based solutions are not set up to identify and teach to the Visual Learner’s strengths. 
  7. There are few resources for parents that help you to be your child’s best coach and advocate.

What a parent can do for the Visual Learner

Most educational interventions focus on what is wrong with a child.  At 3D Learner, we focus on your child’s strengths and natural interests. We support the shift from a disability mentality to a strength-based philosophy.  

 At 3D Learner we coach our parents to focus on:

  • Goal setting. Visualize where you want your child to be in 6 months and a year from now.
  • Use positive language that focuses on what you want your child to do and why.
  • Focus on strength-based parenting and teaching that supports your Visual Learner.

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