Gifted Operating with
a Learning Difference


Do you have a gifted child who is not reaching his/her potential?

If this is happening to your child there is a good chance your child learns differently and is what we call a GOLD Student™.

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Smart Struggling Students


Smart struggling students are often labeled as ADHD with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Delay)

We’ve found that many smart, struggling students are right-brained learners or what we like to call 3D Learners – whose major challenge is a learning difference.

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Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities


Too often, the educational system tries to persuade parents that these students will never excel.

When students with dyslexia and/or learning disabilities get the right training and the right support, remarkable breakthroughs can take place.

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Developmentally Delayed


Students who are difficult to diagnose may learn differently and/or have developmental delays. They can find themselves in learning environments where potential is limited.

We help you change this by giving you a learning system that is proven to help unlock true potential for success.

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Schools are built to teach logical and sequential kids. What happens if your child is a right-brain learner who thinks out of the box and thinks creatively?

As a parent, you may be told to lower your expectations. This is exactly what happened to us.

3D Learners often struggle academically with reading comprehension, math word problems and standardized test scores.

Outside of schools, 3D Learner often struggle with time management, homework and anxiety.

With the much more rigorous Common Core Standards and Assessments now being utilized, the academic and anxiety challenges are likely to sky rocket.

What makes 3D Learner different is we provide the foundation skills your child needs to improve reading comprehension test scores and to understand how they learn best and to take ownership of it.

To understand your child’s unique abilities and celebrate their learning differences, read Mira’s book Life is a Ball, Don’t Put Me in a Box. Just complete the form on the right for free access.

3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child

  1. To better understand how your child learns, and how you can capitalize on those strengths, DOWNLOAD Mira’s short, uplifting book “Life is a Ball, Don’t Put Me in a Box.”
  2. Take our free Online Success Assessment. It will help you see if your child learns differently.
  3. After taking the assessment, give us a call and ask us your questions. We’ll help you better understand what your child is dealing with, and what you can do to make a positive difference. You will also have the opportunity to join our weekly conference call.


3D Learner Success Assessment

Helping you Make the Difference

Taking this observational survey is a great first step. You will receive immediate written and visual feedback on how your child learns best, and what might be holding your child back.

We strongly recommend taking this assessment with your child. As one mom said: “I learned many new things about my child, when she gave me her answers to these questions”, C. Rosen, Boca Raton, FL.

Once you complete the assessment, you can call us for a no cost 10-minute debrief, at 561-361-7495.

“This assessment was more valuable than what I paid $2500 for”. M. Cannon, FL.

Complete the form on the right to start the assessment.

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Life is a Ball by Mira Halpert

After reading this e-book, you will have a better understanding of how your child learns differently.

This inspirational book is designed to help parents, grandparents and professionals see children from a positive perspective. Mira’s goal is to bridge the gap; so that parents and professionals can help kids who learn differently succeed, by focusing on their unique abilities. Mira believes that Balls can and will change the world, when we provide them with the right support.

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Success by 3rd Grade

With the introduction of the new Florida State Standards and the Common Core Standards in other states, 3rd Grade passing rates will drop dramatically. This hyper-focus on test results masks the key issue that many 3rd graders’ reading comprehension level is 1 and often 2 years below grade level.

This short read informs parents of the necessity to act NOW to help their child succeed.

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