This is a message that too many parents hear.  Our response, this is …

Wrong!!! You can take steps to avoid the RTI Trap

No matter what anyone says, response to intervention or RTI cannot be used to delay or deny an evaluation.

RTI is a 3-tiered process schools use to help a child succeed before qualifying a student for special education services.

The problem is there is no defined beginning or end to the process and students can spend years without getting the help they need.   Consider this question …

How long is the RTI process? .

As long as a piece of string

How can you address the situation?

You can proactively avoid the RTI Trap by knowing your rights and exercising them.

Melody Musgrove, the Director of OSEP (the Federal Office of Special Education Programs) has written a very clear letter that says that RTI cannot be used to delay or deny an evaluation.

We have written The RTI Trap  page that includes a link to the letter and a sample letter you can use to ask the school for an evaluation while giving your informed consent.

Go to The RTI Trap and call us if we can help at 561-361-7495.