Could your child be a visual learner?

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1. What is your child's grade?
2. 1. My child has an uncanny memory for remembering experiences or places visited from a long time ago
3. 2. My child is super sensitive to other people's feelings (especially young children, older adults or animals)
4. 3. My child remembers pictures much better than they remember words
5. 4. My child is frustrated when they don’t understand something or uses “I can’t” a lot
6. 5. My child does not remember words they have seen on a page that they have previously seen and not mastered
7. 6. My child skips lines or words when reading
8. 7. My child solve problems in a unique way
9. 8. My child has difficulty with math word problems
10. 9. My child learns best when information is seen or experienced
11. 10. My child is creative in some way (ex: drawing, building Legos, taking things apart)
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