Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Right-Brained Learners

Special Education Students Often Fall Further and Further Behind

Students with dyslexia and learning disabilities often hear statements that may be misleading and do not reflect reality.  Specifically, students with dyslexia and learning disabilities are often told:

-         Do not worry, you will catch up in time

-         With your IEP, Individualized Education Plan, you will get back to grade level

-         Instead of 90 minutes of reading a day we will have you take two 90- minute sessions of reading a day

As one principal said, “If this phonics stuff worked, we would not be having high school students reading 3, 4 and even 5 years below grade level”.

Students are rarely defined as right-brained learners, who learn best when they see and experience information, and are rarely provided with right-brained programs that play to their strengths.  What is worse is that …

reality is far worse than even we expected.  A National Longitudinal Study of Students with Disabilities in Secondary School found that:

-         45% are reading 3 to 4.9 years below grade level and an additional

-         21% are reading 5 or more years below grade level

While some may say that dyslexia, learning disabilities and reading comprehension are problems associated with poverty, we want to alert parents:

-         This happens in all families. We have had students who were reading 3 to 4.9 years below grade level in secondary school

-         We have had students from great families who were 5 and even 6 years below grade

-         The struggles happen even when the student has been in a  special school for children with dyslexia and where parents have spent tens of thousands of dollars on left-brained programs

-         Right-brained programs are available, but rarely in the school

Mira Halpert has her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Michigan, is the mother of four, two of whom were initially diagnosed with a learning disability and dyslexia, and are right-brained learners; Mira  developed the 3D Learner Program ® - a right-brained program for right-brained students.  Learn more at Bright Right-Brained Learners, where we discuss how parents can make the difference and then call 3D Learner at 561-361-7495