For Twice-Exceptional Students

Execution Makes A Huge Difference

Twice-exceptional students often have a huge gap between their performance and their potential.  They also respond very well to BOLD Goals, constructive feedback and that feeling that they are making huge gains.

We have seen parents of twice-exceptional students take very different approaches.

One parent just hung back, did very little formal follow-up, and did encourage her child.  The child did better, but nowhere near their potential.

Another mom stared off fast, but tailed off quickly.  While her daughter’s results were better than the first student, they came far short of her potential.

Another mom did it every day, even though we had suggested just doing an activity 3 and preferably 4 days a week.  For twice-exceptional students burnout can lead to them turning off completely.

Then there was the mom who did what we suggested.  Her twice-exceptional son gained 4 years in his comprehension within a year, was calmer and more attentive, and learned to love reading.  Mom commented, “You made it so easy by telling me what to do”.

We have learned from our mistakes and our successes and we want you to realize that:

  • Follow up is the key for the Twice-exceptional Student
  • You want to work with professionals who will provide the structure you need to know what to do, and when to ask for help
  • As the parent, the results from getting maximum results from any investment you make in your child is dependent on:

o   Finding the right professional for your twice-exceptional child


o   Working with professionals who have had success with            

     twice-exceptional students like your child


o   Getting the right coaching for your twice-exceptional child and for you


o   Doing the follow-up in a consistent, structured and flexible manner


o   Making the process rewarding, enjoyable and effective for your child and for you – graphs are a great way for the twice-exceptional Student to see their goals, their progress and their successes

We have raised two twice-exceptional children and we really understand the rewards, the challenges and the need for parents to be the coaches and advocate your child needs and to focus on success, be open to the how and to execute extremely well.

Mira Halpert M.Ed. developed the 3D Learner Program ® for her twice exceptional daughter.  Mira, who herself is a twice exceptional adult, is committed to helping twice-exceptional students to reach their potential.  For more insights go to and then call Mira at 561-361-7495