Dyslexia, a Learning Disability or a Bright Right-Brained Learner

A Grandmother Shares Her Frustration

Parents are often confused.  Psychologists will often label a child with a learning disability or dyslexia, and in some cases, they will say the child is limited in what you can expect. 

Just consider the information a grandmother recently entered on our 3D Learner Assessment

The school psychologist tested my grandson for his IQ. It was over and above 144. The school psychologist said that was in the genius level, but my grandson struggles with reading and other subjects. They have started him on a program in a LD class that puts him back on doing dolch reading. He can do work, it just takes him longer. I do tutoring with him at home and he has learned parts of speech, which they did not even try to teach him. Our school psychologist said my grandson would not be able to read past a 6th grade level. He is in 5th grade this coming year. He reads in a 2nd grade level. This has put him behind in all subjects. What do you think? 

When asked:

-                     Does your grandson remember places visited even from years ago?

-                     Does your grandson remember details from movies?

-                     Does your grandson learn best when he sees and experiences information?

Grandma answered yes to each question.  This young man is a bright right-brained learner, who may struggle for years with left-brained approaches and can probably excel if taught to his strengths.  For a review of a psychological report for a really bright right-brained learner, the best group we know is the Gifted Development Center, where Dr. Linda Silverman and herteam focus on the bright and often gifted right-brained learner. They tend to call these students visual-spatial learners. 

For more information go to Gifted Development Center

If you would like help understanding how a right-brained program like 3D Learner can help your child, visit Helping The Bright Right-Brained Learner The 3D Learner Way and then call us at 561-361-7495.

Mira Halpert, M.Ed. has her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Michigan; has two bright right-brained learners herself, and has focused on helping the bright right-brained learner for the last 15 years.  Mira believes the world will be a better place when we help these bright right-brained learners succeed with Right-Brained Programs.  For more information go to Helping The Bright Right-Brained Learner The 3D Learner Way and then call us at 561-361-7495.