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 Most dyslexia programs focus on phonics and phonemic awareness.  The challenge is most smart struggling students learn differently, and would do far better with a handson program vs. a traditional dyslexia program.  As Dr. Linda Silverman, from the Gifted Development Center says,

Phonics instruction does not need to be eliminated altogether, but sight word vocabulary needs to be built first.  Then whole words or syllables can be compared and the pattern recognition capacities of the visual-spatial learner can be brought to bear”. 

Rather than testing for dyslexia, we screen for whether your child might be a right-brained learner , or have what we call Dyslexia Symptoms of Right-Brained Dyslexia.  We start with the following 3 questions:

-   Does your child remember details from places visited, even from years ago?

-   Does your child remember details from movies, even if they missed the plot?

-   Does your child learn best when they see and experience information?

-   Does your child learn best when they see and experience information?

Than we shift to some common problems facing both students with dyslexia and right-brained learners:

-   Does your child skip words and lines when reading?

-   Does your child have difficulty paying attention to that which is boring or frustrating?

-   Does your child get anxious or frustrated when taking tests or doing homework?

Dyslexia testing may be expensive and it may lead you away from your child's strengths.

If this sounds like your child, we suggest taking the 3D Learner Screening Tool to see if your child is a right-brained learner and if he/she has eye-teaming, attention, anxiety and related challenges.

Once you have completed the 3D Learner Screening Tool,  consider the feedback and call us at 561-361-7495.  Click here to go to our 3D Learner Screening Tool


3D Learner Program ®,

Our live training in Boca Raton is designed to shift the focus from Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities and ADHD to teach your right-brained child to be Outrageously Successful, and to help  you be the coach and advocate your child needs.   Read more 

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3D Learner On-Line Assessment

This test is designed to see if your child is experiencing vision or attention issues, or might be a visual-experiential learner - one who learns best when information is seen or experiences,  Read more

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3D Learner On-Line Assessment for Middle and High School Students (includes consult)             

This unique assessment will give you greater insight into how your child learns best, their present reading speed and comprehension, where they struggle and how you can improve your child's reading speed and comprehension, tracking, memory, attention, self-esteem and test scores. 

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3D Learner On-Site Assessment

We use the Structure of Intellect Assessment ®  to assess children in our center. It assesses the student’s learning style, strengths and issues, if they have underlying vision and/or auditory issues.  We also use a Visagraph ® to identify visual processing issues that often impact bright right-brained learners.  The Interactive Metronome ® is used to assess attention and self-control.  These tools allow us to tailor the training for your child and you. Read more

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3D Learner On-Site Assessment for Teenagers

An assessment that works for teenagers and for parents. Why the Structure of Intellect Assessment ®, The Visagraph ® and the Interactive Metronome ® works for teenagers.  Read more

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3D Learner Home Learning Program ®

As an alternative to phonics-based programs that have been traditionally prescribed for children with Dyslexia or Learning Disability and/or ADHD, our unique system, based on input from parents, enables the parent and child to work together while making dramatic gains in spelling, vocabulary, and reading. This integrated system – body movement, visual motor exercises, goal setting and word building mastery – is designed to be fun and successful at helping ALL students read and learn more effectively. Read more

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3D Learner Home Learning Program®, Reading Program and Vision Skills Training

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As an adjunct to the Home Learning Program, we have found the Taylor Reading Plus Program ® to be the best reading program and the Gemstone Educational Orthoptic Program  to be the best program to address the vision skills.  Used individually, these programs are very effective, and, and where appropriate the combination is superb!  Read More    


3D Homework Helper

If you and your child are struggling with homework, the 3D Learner Home work Helper is specifically designed to help you, as a parent or grandparent, to significantly reduce homework time and stress, while improving the quality of the work. Read more

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3D SmartStart Early Learning Program

Every child deserves to be successful in school from day one. The 3D Learner Smart Start Program ® is specifically developed to provide skill building and fun activities that parents and children can enjoy together.  For students in K, 1 and 2. Read more

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Interactive Metronome ® Certified Provider

Significantly improves attention and self-control, reading and math fluency and sports skills. Read More

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Dynamic Vision Skills Training Program

Gemstone Vision Skills Training Program ® can improve reading comfort and efficiency, resulting in increased reading scores and better academic performance. Read More

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Em-Wave® PC Stress Relieve System  

The Em-Wave ® Interactive Learning System is an easy-to-use software program, learning system and patented heart rhythm monitor designed to prevent, manage and reverse the negative effects of stress.  This helps students to do better on tests, and to get into the zone before doing homework or at a sporting even. Read more

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Taylor Reading Plus ® 

This web-based program is designed to improve reading speed and comprehension. We have had students triple their reading speed and improve their reading comprehension by 2, 3 and even 4 grade levels in 4 months. Read more 

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Cogmed Working Memory Training ®

An evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. It improves one’s ability to remember what is heard, read and seen.

Research and clinical data show improved grades following Cogmed training. Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions, and completing assignments more independently. The objective is better academic results, particularly in reading comprehension and math. Read More

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3D Learner Workshop

2-day workshop that provides parents with:

3D Learner's Goal Setting Program ® to help your child and yourself.

A fresh approach that shows you how to focus on your child's strengths while addressing their issues and doing it with a very positive and empowering approach.

Tools to improve your child's attention and visual memory.

3D Learner Kit for Home Learning Program

Training how to improve your child's spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Training to improve your child’s math skills.

How to get homework done in much less time and with less stress.

A process to work more effectively with teachers and schools.

The opportunity to raise and address specific issues.

Workshop price depends on location and attendance. Contact us at parents@3dlearner.com or call us at 561-361-7495 for more information.

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We shift the focus from Dyslexia and ADHD, to teaching the way your child learns best, and using tools to improve attention, visual processing and visual memory. The results are significant increases in reading comprehension and test scores - and a reduction in homework time and stress.