RELAXATION by Mira Halpert

Relaxation- is a word us parents barely know, but did you know that being in a relaxed state actually boosts intelligence? I'm not really talking about increasing you or your child's  IQ - but I am talking about boosting performance as well as creativity.
At 3D Learner we recently introduced a program called Heartmath®. It is a wonderful tool that has assisted us to help our students understand how by slowing their breathing and taking some time to quiet themselves and think about the good things in their life they can positively effect their mood and learn efficiency. It has demonstrated to all of us how important the act of breathing and self-reflection of worth is.
In these next few weeks, as teachers will be stressing about giving standardized tests, it is important that as parents we bring some relaxation into both our children's lives as well as our own. You will be amazed at how much more productive you will be if you take a few minutes to calm your thoughts and integrate your heart and mind to work in sync. Positive emotions affect how our body responds.  Just as negative emotions can produce an imbalance in our body, positive ones can just as quickly restore balance. This balance lets us think clearer, be more flexible, creative and generally improve our health and well-being.
Napolean Hill, the great author of personal-success literature, wrote , " We are masters of our fate, the captains of our souls, because we have the power to control our thoughts." 

Over the past few weeks I have heard from many of you about the wonderful things your kids are achieving.  I thank you for sharing!  Make sure you celebrate their successes - no matter how small.  Those positive thoughts create positive energy. That positive energy carries forward to positive actions.
dyslexia jumpropeBesides making sure your children are well, rested and fed, make sure they also have plenty of water to sip during their day. Do some warm-up exercises before they head off to school and take a few minutes to set-up their day for success!!  
Try the following activity. Have your student sit quietly at the breakfast table and tell him/her to:

    * "Clinch your fists, your feet, your face, your whole body!!
    * "Now relax. Close your eyes. Put your hand over the center of your chest (right on your chest bone.)
    *  "Take a slow deep breath. Count to 5 as you breathe in and 5 as you breathe out.
    * "Picture your favorite place-can you hear the sounds, smell the air there... feel the positive energy of where you are.
    *  "Now take that same energy and set yourself up for what a wonderful day it will be. How you will calmly handle whatever will be presented and complete it!!"

 Parents, you need to use positive, calm language and model the slow breathing. Anchor those thoughts with a positive cheer!
Then go out and have a great day.  Celebrate at the end of your day; you earned it!