How You Can Make The Difference

Three Challenges Parents Are Sharing
We have spoken with over 1,000 parents this past year and we hear three common themes:

1-    Retention, or being held back, is a threat for many. Almost all of these parents are afraid of the short, medium and long term prospects for their child if they continue to have difficulty with reading comprehension and standardized tests.

2-    Their bright child is caught in the middle -- the schools are concerned, but the parents are really concerned. They recognize that if their child does not dramatically improve reading comprehension and test scores he or she could be placed into classes that are not appropriate. Worse yet, the child could become bored with school and other issues could magnify the learning difference so that the situation could deteriorate even further.  The numbers are eye opening:

-      66% of the students in Special Education in Secondary Schoolare reading 3 or more years below grade level -- we have seen hundreds of examples of smart students, from excellent families, who have received massive help from schools and outside professionals and continue to struggle all the way through high school

3-    Reading is just not fun for their child  -- their child continues to under achieve because they avoid reading like the plague

The Best First Step Is To Understand The Root Causes -- How Your Child Learns Best And Their Challenges
Parents often ask if the issue is Dyslexia, ADHD, a Vision Problem or an Anxiety issue.  Often the answer is more than one of these issues, and our goal is to help you to better understand these issues.

Parents are first attracted to our site because we focus on students who learn best when they see and experience information, and they recognize their OWN CHILD.  One of the purposes of this newsletter is to share a new way for you to understand the multitude of challenges that your child faces. 

First and foremost, your child might have problems with sight word vocabulary and pattern recognition -- that is they may have problems understanding words like and, if, the, but, except and they may see a word once and not remember it on the next page or even a few lines later.  What is even more challenging is that these students who learn differently ...

Often have one or more of the following challenges:
-    Visual perception issues -- they skip words or lines when reading, get headaches when reading, and/or reverse numbers and/or letters

-    Attention issues -- they can hyper-focus on what interests them, and yet they struggle to pay attention to that which is boring ---   this issue is often caught when the student is a behavior issue and often missed when the student is merely inattentive.

-    Anxiety or frustration issues -- they often lose it when work is difficult and eventually it brings their self-esteem down.

-    Over 75% of our clients have at least two of these three issues and almost 50% have all three.

The ramifications of not identifying and addressing these issues 
are scary. You hold the key to your child's success.

-    Parents are often led to believe their child will outgrow the issue, but the statistics tell us otherwise.

        -    Almost 90% of the students with a word identification problem in 1st grade become poor readers in 4th grade.

        -    Over 70% of the students with a reading disability in 3rd grade will have a reading disability in 12th grade.

        -    55% of the children of college graduates are reading below grade level in 8th grade.

Waiting is Not An Option

-    Parents are often led to believe that if they address one issue (e.g. medicate their child or just do vision therapy) that it will fix their child -- for the student who has two, three or even four challenges this can be very misleading -- too many people are talked into one dimensional efforts, and if they knew about the second or third challenge they would have addressed those as well. Where possible, integrating services to maximize progress in all of these areas is the ideal.

As parents, you want to first understand your child's strengths and challenges.  
If you find yourself with a major challenge at this time we offer two options

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2-   We offer an On-Line Assessment for a $57 investment that will help you understand your child's strengths and challenges.  

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