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Dyslexia, Dyslexia Help and Child Behavior Problems From Stress to Outrageous Success with Parent Driven Solutions


Virtually every week we speak with parents who:  
-   Have a bright child who is struggling in school -- despite coming from a great family, going to an excellent school, and the parents having spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars -- with marginal results.

-    Are dealing with child behavior problems and academic issues -- and they are not sure if they are related.

-   Are incredibly frustrated, want their child to succeed, and are trying to understand their child's learning and behavior challenges.

What frustrates parents are two, three, four or even five of the following:
-    Dyslexia is labeled as a disability in some circles and as "The Gift of Dyslexia" by others, but the parents are less interested in labels, they want to know why their bright child is struggling.

-    Child behavior problems are real, but they are almost treated separately from the learning challenges - even though the reading and related challenges are contributors to the child behavior problems.

-    ADHD Medication and counseling are often the recommended solution -- but their child often does not respond to either the ADHD medication or the counseling.

-    Schools do a reasonable job at giving accommodations for learning challenges, but all too often the child falls further and further behind, child behavior problems worsen as their child is put in classes where children behavior problems are the norm, and their child often loses motivation.

-    Learning centers, phonics based programs and taking things away from their child do not work.

We take a very different perspective.  My name is Mira Halpert.  I have a Masters Degree in Education and two of my children were labeled with Dyslexia and a Learning Disability and I saw their motivation and their behavior become issues as they were in classes with children with behavior problems.  I then developed the 3D Learner Program (R) and I now realize that the learning and behavior challenges go hand in hand, and that if you address the learning challenges and add a more structured and positive communication style, the reading and the behavior improve.

After helping over 1200 students, I now realize that:
-   Dyslexia, ADHD and/or Child Behavior Problems often co-exist -- either together in a child or in Special Education Classes.

-   Many bright kids from great families are in these classes -- because they are not being taught the way they learn best and they may become a behavior problem or their motivation may suffer.

               Many of these smart struggling kids are visual experiential learners who learner best when they see and experience information

-   Visual processing, auditory processing and attention issues are often present.

-   Your child and others can be "Outrageously Successful" if you:
    -    Understand how they learn best and they are taught the way they learn best.

    -    Use positive and constructive motivation.

    -    Partner with the right professionals who help kids like yours and parents like you.

    -    Understand and address the underlying vision, auditory and/or attention issues.

    -    You set very specific goals on what you want to accomplish and are open on the how.

    -    Your child and you get the training you need.
    -    You then follow through.

Let me give you can example. Matthew had struggled in first grade, was a poster boy for ADHD and Child Behavior Problems, and his mom had to homeschool him.

Mom saw our three questions:
-   Does your child remember places visited?

-   Does your child remember movies he has seen?

-   Does your child learn best when seeing and experiencing information?

She went "That's my son".

Matthew learned differently and had an attention issue.

With help -- he improved his attention, self-control and reading comprehension by 2.5 grade levels in 2 months -- and he was a totally different kid.

The key was mom learned how her child learned best, used positive communication, set bold goals, partnered with the right professionals and followed through.

Mira Halpert M.Ed. works with her husband Mark and a dedicated team at the 3D Learner Center for Outrageous Success in Boca Raton. For more information visit Parents Make The Difference or call them at 561-361-7495.