3D Learner Middle and High School Assessment (TM)

The 3D Learner Middle and High School Assessment ™ and 30 minute feedback session will give you greater insight into how your child learns best, their present reading speed and comprehension, where they struggle and how you can improve your child's reading speed and comprehension, tracking, memory, attention, self-esteem and test scores.

         "This assessment was more valuable than what I had paid $2500 for", B. Cannon, Nashville, TN

For only $97, the on-line assessment offers:

·    Questions you can answer about your child's learning style, strengths and issues that often help us to explain why your smart child might be struggling.

·    Exercises you do with them on-line that will allow you to see first hand their auditory and visual memory and how well they can copy information.  Seeing your child do these  exercises can be invaluable for you - more than 80% of our students have either a memory or copying issue, or both. 

·    An on-line reading speed and comprehension assessment that will show what grade level your child is at and their reading speed - this has helped many parents to realize their child was much further behind than they realized.

·    A Visual processing screening tool that helps you to better understand the issues - it impacts over 70% of the kids we see.

·    A 30 minute debrief with one of our professionals where we share our insights, answer your questions and offer ways to help your child to improve their reading comprehension, test scores, reduce homework time and stress, and improve their self-esteem.
Drawing on our experience working with thousands of kids that have struggled with reading, we will be able to help you and your child find the answers you need.

The test takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Your child needs to be present for the whole test

We do offer places for you to add your own comments, and parents who share their insights often get even more value from the process.

The way the process works:
  • You complete the on-line assessment and pay on-line.
  • We will forward you the visual screening assessment and the log in information to do the reading speed and comprehension assessment.
  • You complete the information – email us the visual screening assessment to eva@3dlearner.com and we will call you back to schedule the debrief.

If you have any questions during the test, please don't hesitate to call us at 561-361-7495.