Dyslexia, ADHD and Child Behavior Problems -Right-Brained Assessments for Right-Brained Learners

In the previous article "Dyslexia and Child Behavior Success -Outrageous Success for your Right-Brained Learner" we discussed two kids:

Matthew who has a problem with words, decoding issues, is hyperactive and impulsive, reverses numbers and letters, and skips words and lines when reading -- his teacher is pulling her hair out -- because he has all the Dyslexia Symptoms you can imagine, and if Child Behavior Problems were in the dictionary he would be the Child Behavior Problems Poster Boy.

Jennifer has most of the same conditions, except her ADHD is the inattentive type.  Jennifer has never been considered a child behavior problem -- but her learning problems are real.  Jennifer also suffered from anxiety.

Matthew and Jennifer had both been to a child psychologist:
  • Medication and phonics were recommended for Matthew's ADHD and Dyslexia
  • Medication and phonics were recommended for Jennifer's Anxiety and Dyslexia

Then Matt's mom and Jennifer's dad saw the same three questions:
Does your child:
  • Remember places visited -- even from years ago?
  • Remember details from movies?
  • Learn best when they see and experience information?

Matt's mom commented -- that is my kid -- he is a Lego kid -- he can put anything together.

Jennifer's dad commented -- that's my kid -- she remembers vacations from years ago, details from movies that blow my mind, and clearly learns best when she sees and experiences information.

We then continued:
  • Does your child have trouble with sight word vocabulary (words like but, when, why and if)
  • Does your child have difficulty remembering words they previously "learned"?

These are the beginning of a right-brained assessment -- we have read hundreds of psycho-educational reports and often find five things missing:
  • How the child learns best. We are strong believers that left-brained learners can often do best with a left-brained program -- and that right-brained learners do best with right-brained programs
  • Visual tracking issues are often missed or hinted at. We both skipped words and lines when reading as a kid.  We have also seen many child behavior problems attributed to ADHD or "bad parents", when in fact childrens behavior problems are often partially due to tracking issues -- which can cause headaches, fatigue and frustration
  • Options to address ADHD and Child Behavior Problems that go beyond ADHD medication and counseling
  • Options to address anxiety beyond Anxiety medication and counseling
  • Prioritization of recommendations -- we have read reports where it is suggested that parents follow 43 recommendations, read 12 books and visit 14 websites -- WOW!!

If you suspect you have a right-brained child and are dealing with issues that resemble Dyslexia, ADHD and child behavior problems -- we recommend you consider both a right-brained assessment and right-brained programs.

Mira Halpert M.Ed. and her husband Mark lived through years of challenges with their right-brained daughter -- before they realized she was a right-brained learner, who could really benefit from a right-brained program.  Mira developed and now directs the 3D Learner Program (R) and encourages you to check-out their On-Line Right-Brained Assessment, and then feel free to call at 561-361-7495