Breakthrough Programs at Our Boca Raton Learning Center

Breakthrough Programs at our Boca Raton Learning Center

3D Learner Program For South Florida clients ages 4 to 19 – and Adults

Since 1997, the 3D Learner Program has been our core curriculum, designed to
change your child’s life… and your family’s.

We tailor our efforts to meet your child’s needs. We can help your child to:

Take an Interactive Tour of Our Center

Take an Interactive Tour of Our Center

  • Significantly improve reading comprehension
  • Achieve success in months not years
  • Create a love for reading
  • Improve reading speed
  • Improve the ability to master math facts, do math word problems and check their work
  • Improve attention, visual tracking and self-control
  • Finish homework gets in less time with less stress
  • Expand vocabulary and achieve more accurate spelling.
  • Create stronger writing skills. 

How We Assess For Success at our Boca Raton Learning Center

Most local students take our 3D Learner Comprehensive Assessment before we start to work with them. This lets us tailor a custom program to meet your child’s exact way of learning.

This comprehensive assessment includes:

The Structure of Intellect Assessment

This helps us identify your child’s learning style, learning strengths and challenges, and if we are dealing with any vision or hearing issues.

The Visagraph Assessment

This shows how your child’s eyes track when reading. This is important, because it is an often overlooked issue for right-brain learners. If your child learns differently, chances are words and lines are skipped during reading. One physician who saw how his patients eyes tracked when reading said, “That explains one of the major reasons that child cannot read”.

The Interactive Metronome Assessment

This is how we find out if there is an attention or self-control challenge. One third of our clients have ADHD and 90% of our students can benefit from improved attention. A key part of this assessment is a 9-minute exercise where most students lose focus after 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes sooner. Our students often say, “This is exactly what happens to us in class.”

The Biofeedback Assessment

We also perform a biofeedback assessment to understand your child’s stress level to demanding situations, and a Reading Plus Evaluation that measures your child’s present level of reading speed, reading comprehension and vocabulary. We have seen students heart rates jump from 90 to 130 and in some cases over 150 when we just mention the word FCAT – Florida’s Comprehensive Achievement Test. The good news is we can improve everything we test for. We also recognize that we refer to a physician where appropriate.

The Reading Comprehension Assessment

The Reading Comprehension Assessment shows your child’s reading speed and comprehension level and their vocabulary. Frequently, our students have a higher vocabulary, but their comprehension and speed are compromised by their learning difference, attention and/or visual tracking issues.

At the end of the assessment, you know where your child stands, what the key issues are and where the training should be focused.

The 3D Learner Program for local students includes:

  • 30 hours of student training, often done initially with 3 consecutive days of training of 4 hours each
  • 6 weeks of training 2x a week for 1.5 hours
  • 3 hours of parent training to include goal-setting
  • A one hour session with parents and the student that focuses on where the student was at, what the progress has been, and what should be done next
  • 6 follow-up calls to answer questions and to maximize results
  • A special home kit that enables the parents to take care of follow-up
  • Additional training based on student needs and other considerations

The Taylor Reading Plus ® Program to improve reading speed and comprehension, the Gemstone Vision Software ® to improve visual skills, HeartMath’s emWave ® Stress Release program, Cogmed Working Memory Program ® and BrainWare ® Safari cognitive skills training can be added to the program.

We Help Students and Their Families Achieve Breakthrough Results

  • A 2nd grader went from a non-reader to grade level in 6 weeks
  • A 2nd grader went from the 18th to the 83rd percentile in a year
  • 3rd graders often go from at-risk for failing the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive -Achievement Test) to performing at or above grade level
  • A 4th grader goes from just above average to the 99th percentile
  • A 5th grader goes from the 48th to the 95th percentile
  • A 7th grader improve his reading comprehension 4 grade levels in 3 months
  • A 9th grader improve his reading comprehension 4 grade levels in 4 months, improve his reading speed by 80% and is accepted by 4 excellent colleges.

One person commented that we help students achieve excellent results because we engage committed parents who are willing to invest the time and energy to realize breakthrough results. That is our goal.

Other things about our program you should know:

  • Parent follow through is critical.
  • We do not guarantee specific results, because results vary, and are based on the child’s skills and the parent’s involvement.
  • We provide is an estimate of what the expected results should be with specific levels of follow through
  • We provide a 5-hour a day 5-day program for students from florida and throughout the U.S.

3D Learner Elite Brain Training for Students and Student Athletes at our Boca Raton Learning Center

  • Often the key issues are a combination of attention, visual skills training and stress.
  • We tailor programs to meet your child’s needs.
  • The most popular option is one that improves attention, visual skills and reduced stress. This includes the Interactive Metronome ®, Gemstone Visual Training ®, and the Emwave Biofeedback ®.
  • For students, this improves attention, self-control, reading fluency, math fluency, sports skills, handwriting and the ability to get into the zone. Resilience is also enhanced
  • For the student-athlete, who often wants to get both a scholarship and to go to the best school, this improves their academic and athletic skills.
  • We have helped student athletes to get baseball, football, golf, swimming and basketball scholarships. This includes a student getting a football scholarship to Alabama, and baseball players getting scholarships to LSU and Florida State.
  • The improved attention may reduce or eliminate the need for ADHD medication. These, of course, are decisions best made with the professional advice of your physician.

3D Learner Success Assessment

It’s free, and in just a few minutes you’ll have helpful, new information about your child.

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3D Learner Success Assessment

Helping you Make the Difference

Taking this observational survey is a great first step. You will receive immediate written and visual feedback on how your child learns best, and what might be holding your child back.

We strongly recommend taking this assessment with your child. As one mom said: “I learned many new things about my child, when she gave me her answers to these questions”, C. Rosen, Boca Raton, FL.

Once you complete the assessment, you can call us for a no cost 10-minute debrief, at 561-361-7495.

“This assessment was more valuable than what I paid $2500 for”. M. Cannon, FL.

Complete the form on the right to start the assessment.

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Life is a Ball by Mira Halpert

After reading this e-book, you will have a better understanding of how your child learns differently.

This inspirational book is designed to help parents, grandparents and professionals see children from a positive perspective. Mira’s goal is to bridge the gap; so that parents and professionals can help kids who learn differently succeed, by focusing on their unique abilities. Mira believes that Balls can and will change the world, when we provide them with the right support.

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Success by 3rd Grade

With the introduction of the new Florida State Standards and the Common Core Standards in other states, 3rd Grade passing rates will drop dramatically. This hyper-focus on test results masks the key issue that many 3rd graders’ reading comprehension level is 1 and often 2 years below grade level.

This short read informs parents of the necessity to act NOW to help their child succeed.

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