Structure of Intellect Assessment ® (SOI/PLA)


1st to 3rd grade – The Structure of Intellect on-line assessment provides a learning profile of fourteen separate learning abilities. It takes about 1- 1/2 hours to complete and includes a personalized consultation to discuss results and develop a plan. After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive information on how to access the on-line assessment, as well as telephone or email support.



The SOI assessment focuses on students’ abilities and thinking skills. It identifies learning strengths and issues, including underlying vision, attention and/or auditory difficulties.

The theory behind the SOI assessment, which was developed over the past 50 years, is based on the premise that intelligence can be taught and must include creativity. Since intelligence is complex, a single number cannot adequately represent a child’s potential. Intelligence is far more than that. Furthermore, intelligence can increase when memory, ocular-motor, cognitive and sensorimotor systems are challenged appropriately and consistently. We know improvement in many areas is possible.

Analyses are based on the students’ test scores. Each analysis profiles the following areas: cognition, evaluation, memory, creativity, and problem-solving.

A personalized report will be made available via email, as well as a telephone consultation. The process will give you insights on how to better understand and help your child. It will also help us taylor a program to meet your child’s needs.