Parents Make The Difference

Does your child…

  • Learn best when he or she sees and experiences information?
  • Struggle to pay attention when not engaged?
  • Skip words and/or lines when reading?
  • Have the potential to do far better in school than your child is presently doing?

Can we be blunt?

If this describes your child you will need to find outside professionals to help your child be all that she or he can be.

If you are like most of our parents, you send your child to the best school you can. You have arranged for extra services, and you are spending a lot of time helping with homework.

After working with thousands of bright kids since 1996, we have a good understanding of the challenges your family faces.

Your child probably learns differently, has a combination of visual tracking, attention issues, and/or frustration and anxiety challenges.

When we talk about how Parents Make The Difference, we focus on 3 things:

1. Looking at your child in a totally different way


If your child learns differently, find the right way to capitalize on your child’s strengths, improve your child’s reading comprehension and other key academic skills and create a lifelong love of reading and learning.

As a Make The Difference Parent, you might ask, “Is my child a right-brain learner who does not learn the way they are being taught? If my child can’t learn the way my child is being taught, why don’t we find a program that teaches the way my child learns best?”

Most schools teach in a way that is logical, sequential and auditory. This works for students who learn this way. We call these students left-brain learners – referring to the left part of their brain that processes information in a logical, sequential and auditory way. Most smart struggling students are right-brain learners , who learn best when the student sees and experiences information.3D Learner’s strength is we teach the way right-brain learners learn, engage the students in the process, and help parents to be the coach and advocate your child needs.

2. Identifying and addressing what is holding your child back.

Many times schools will identify an attention issue and indirectly suggest ADHD medication. Or, it may be the psychologist or pediatrician, who recommends ADHD Medication. Too often a parent is told their child’s vision is OK, when their child skips words and lines when reading.

As a Make The Difference Parent, you might say, “Let’s identify the attention, visual tracking and related issues, and then identify the natural and effective options.

3. Helping you be the coach and advocate your child needs.

Parents often tell us the school will not assess their child, or the teacher will not work with a child the way they’d like.

As a Make The Difference Parent, you might question, “How do I ask for an assessment and the right help? How should I work with my child’s teacher to create a win-win-win outcome for all of us?”

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Upon leaving school meetings with parents, they often comment, “We just got everything we asked for – how did that happen?” Confrontation or lawsuits rarely helps the student or the parents. We simply focus on where your child is today, where your child should be in a year, and how we help him or her get there.

peopleOne of our clients, Dr. Robert Rehnke told us, “The way you teach is revolutionary, compared to the way school work, but it should be mainstream.”

The breakthrough you’d like to see begins by understanding your child and the pivotal role you play in partnering with the right professional.

3D Learner is for the parent who wants their child to have strength-based training, who wants to have their child’s challenges identified and addressed, and who wants their child to be all their child can be.

3 Things You Can Immediately Do To Help Your Child

  1. To better understand how your child learns, and how you can capitalize on those strengths, DOWNLOAD Mira’s short, uplifting book “Life is a Ball, Don’t Put Me in a Box.”
  2. Take our free Online Success Assessment. It will help you see if your child learns differently.
  3. After taking the assessment, give us a call and ask us your questions. We’ll help you better understand what your child is dealing with, and what you can do to make a positive difference. You will also have the opportunity to join our weekly conference call.



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We strongly recommend taking this assessment with your child. As one mom said: “I learned many new things about my child, when she gave me her answers to these questions”, C. Rosen, Boca Raton, FL.

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“This assessment was more valuable than what I paid $2500 for”. M. Cannon, FL.

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Life is a Ball by Mira Halpert

After reading this e-book, you will have a better understanding of how your child learns differently.

This inspirational book is designed to help parents, grandparents and professionals see children from a positive perspective. Mira’s goal is to bridge the gap; so that parents and professionals can help kids who learn differently succeed, by focusing on their unique abilities. Mira believes that Balls can and will change the world, when we provide them with the right support.

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Success by 3rd Grade

With the introduction of the new Florida State Standards and the Common Core Standards in other states, 3rd Grade passing rates will drop dramatically. This hyper-focus on test results masks the key issue that many 3rd graders’ reading comprehension level is 1 and often 2 years below grade level.

This short read informs parents of the necessity to act NOW to help their child succeed.

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