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Dyslexia Controversies
Parenting a Child with Right-Brained Dyslexia

Dyslexia iterally means a child has difficulty with reading.  Many programs focus on phonics, when the child learns best with a hands-on approach

Specifically most children with dyslexia:

-   Are right-brained and have what we call right-brained dyslexia -- they learn best when they see and experience information and will learn best in every situation where they can see and experience what is being taught

-   Have difficulty with reading comprehension, math word problems and with standardized tests, because they have not learned how to leverage their ability to visualize what they are reading

-   Respond very well to cause and effect demonstrations -- especially if they get to discover the why

Dyslexia symptoms tend to focus on phonics and receptive and expressive language.  For those with right-brained dyslexia, we believe the symptoms of dyslexia should focus on both their ability to learn best when they see and experience information and their challenges.


Mira Halpert M.Ed. is the Director of 3D Learner -- a Boca Raton based company designed to help right-brained learners succeed. A fair number of the students have right-brained dyslexia.  For more information go to 3D Learner Parents or call Mira at 561-361-7395

Parenting a Child With Right-Brained Dyslexia