Dyslexia or ADHD, or Dyslexia and ADHD

As a parent or grandparent, you may have come to us because you suspect Dyslexia, ADHD, a Learning Disability, or your smart child is struggling.

We are parents and educators who have helped two of our four children to Beat Dyslexia, a Learning Disability, and ADHD.

Our initial focus is to help you to understand how your child learns best and whether they have ADHD, or visual perception challenges

We call our students Bright Right-Brained Learners, because it describes their strengths,  and how we can help them to succeed.   It also puts us on the alert for ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and visual perception issues, which are both very common in this population.

Is Your Child A Bright Right-Brained Learner and do they have ADHD

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'If your gifted child is failing to live up to his or her potential, there is a strong chance that they are right-brained and visual and are not well served by the system", says Jeffrey Freed and Leslie Parsons in their book, "The Right-Brained Child in a Left Brained World".

At 3D Learner, we focus on our students' strengths and identifying and addressing their ADHD or visual perception issues because they:

  •  Are much brighter than their results would indicate
  •  Are creative, visual and learn best when they see and experience information
  • Can make dramatic and lasting gains when they are taught to their strengths
  • Do far better when they are taught with a hands-on approach, are engaged and are respected
  • While terms like Dyslexia, ADHD and a Learning Disability may help get school accommodations -- they do not help you to teach your child differently
  • Your life and theirs will change when the focus shifts to teaching your child how they learn best
  • Need to have their ADHD or visual perception issues identified and addressed to achieve their potential

My name is Mira Halpert.  

I have a Masters in Education, and I developed the 3D Learner ProgramTM for my own children.

I was frustrated that we had spent years trying to help my child with phonics-based programs that just did not work for my child.

Then I discovered she learned best when she saw and experienced information and had ADHD.

We have helped:

  • My daughter to improve her reading comprehension 4.2 grade levels in 7 months and later become a Nationally Board Certified Teacher
  • Elementary. middle and high school students to dramatically improve their reading comprehension, math, writing and standardized test scores - with tools that address Dyslexia and/or ADHD
  • Thousands of moms, dads and grandparents to learn how they can make the difference

My passion is help you to help your smart struggling child to:

  • Decrease homework time and stress
  • Improve reading comprehension and standardized test scores
  • Enjoy learning, feel good about who they are and gain the confidence to be a great self-advocate

The students we help often have many of the following characteristics:

Excel at hands-on visual activities

Have trouble learning to read with traditional approaches

Do much better when they are interested and engaged

Are easily disoriented by change, inappropriate teaching, talking to them in the wrong tone of voice, or even misunderstood changes in body language

Skip words or lines when reading

Have committed parents who want to make the difference--and want to be integral part of the solutions

Often have ADHD and this condition is often suggested by schools, may cause some concern from parents, and is often true

To see if your child is a

Bright Right-Brained Learner and to find out more about ADHD and visual perception issues

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