Twice-Exceptional Students Need Our Help

Twice-Exceptional Students Need BOLD Goals

Twice-exceptional students are often smart and even gifted but twice exceptional students often learn differently; they learn best when they see and experience information.  These students are often smart, but they struggle.  The estimates are that:

60% of the students today learn differently, which means that 60% of 60 million students or 36 million students learn differently.

15% of the students today have IQs of 115 or higher, which means that 5.4 million students are bright and learn differently. Some professionals call these students visual-spatial learners or twice-exceptional students.

We label these students as twice-exceptional students, because they have many gifts and learn differently.

In past articles we discussed that for GOLD Students or Twice Exceptional Students:

  • Success is the only option.  The education system may label these students with ADHD or a Learning Disability.  We see them as Gifted with a Learning Difficulty, and having incredible upside potential.  Our conclusion is that as parents and professionals we need to focus on Success is the Only Option.
  • We must Assess for Success.  Assessing for Success means identifying how children learn best, what is stopping them from succeeding, and what we must focus on to help them to be Outrageously Successful.

In this article, we will discuss why twice-exceptional students need us - as parents and professionals - to set BOLD Goals.  For example:

Below are a couple of examples:

  • Jennifer was 2 years behind in her reading in 3rd grade, despite having 121 IQ, excellent parental support, a terrific teacher and she was going to one of the best schools.  When one looked at her challenges, Jennifer learned differently; she had an attention and a visual perception issue.  Her parents saw the 2 year gap and set-up to get her back on grade level within a year.  They were committed to the goal and open on the how.
      With the right goal, the right program and the necessary support, she was         able to get back to grade level within a year, and she is now a star student       in high school

Reading comprehension Gap and Gains

  • Matthew was taking 2.5 hours to get homework done and it took his mother 2 hours of her time to help him get it done.  With the right goal and the right program, Matthew was able to decrease homework time from 2.5 hours to 1.25 hours, thereby saving 187 hours in a year. His mother also decreased the time she was needed from 2 to .25 hours; thereby, freeing up 262 hours over a year. Below are graphs that show the time saved per night, per year and over a 5 year period.

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If you would like more information on setting BOLD Goals for GOLD Students, view our videos on these subjects:

Mira Halpert M.Ed., Mark Halpert and their 3D Learner Team are dedicated to helping Twice-exceptional Students to go from Stress to Outrageous Success.  For more information go to www.3dlearner/com/twice-exceptional-students and call at 561-361-7495