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The 2015 3rd Grade FCAT Will Be Much Harder

Time to Act is Now!!!

Our new book "Success by 3rd Grade" is specifically designed to help parents and grandparents to help your child succeed on the 3rd Grade FCAT Replacement Test.  Whether your child is in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade, it will help you to understand why your smart child may be struggling.  When the 3rd Grade FCAT was easy to pass, children who failed the 3rd Grade Reading FCAT (3rd Grade FCAT) often had dyslexia, a learning disability or ADHD.  Now, with the much harder 3rd Grade FCAT Replacement Test, smart students and even gifted students who learn differently will be failing and facing 3rd Grade Retention.  Read our book and discover how you can make the difference.

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The 3rd Grade Reading FCAT (3rd Grade FCAT) will much harder to pass in 2015. In 2012, 57% more students were below grade level on the 3rd Grade FCAT.  Florida is changing to the new Florida State Standards in 2014/5 and the new 3rd Grade Reading FCAT (it may have a new name). This new test will be much longer, the passages will be much more difficult, the questions far more complex, which are predicted to effect the percentage of students failing the 3rd grade FCAT.


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The Red Flag is waving

What can you do to make the difference NOW?

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(A Great Way to Start is to take our On-line-Assessment)

Are you concerned about your child passing the 3rd Grade FCAT and want help?

describe the image  Does your child learn differently?

describe the image  Does your child lose focus easily?

describe the image  Does your child get tense when taking tests?

describe the image  Does your child skip words and lines when reading?

describe the image  Is your child below grade level in reading comprehension?

describe the image  Would you like help understanding the answers to these questions?

describe the image  How can I help my child to be promoted to 4th grade, if appropriate?

Based on years of helping students prepare and pass the 3rd Grade FCAT, we realize that schools are doing all they can, but as the parent, you need to consider how you can do more.

With what we know about the new Florida State Standards, more kids then ever will fail. There will be far more retention, more kids will need remedial reading. However, you can make the difference for your child NOW by improving your child's reading comprehension

Smart Struggling Students often struggle because schools are not teaching to your child's strengths or identifying and addressing the attention, visual tracking and/or anxiety challenges.

The two critical questions for you to think about your smart struggling child:

-  Which of the above factors impact my child?

-  What can I do to make the difference?

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These are great questions to ask, whether your child is in 1st, 2nd grade, 3rd grade or beyond.

We are Mira and Mark Halpert.  Mira has her Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and through the 3D Learner Program ® has helped hundreds of students to pass the 3rd grade FCAT (3rd Grade Reading FCAT).

Mark is a Parent Advocate who helps parents navigate the maze of rules and regulations to help their children succeed.

As parents, we understand that the educational process is daunting.  Therefore, we have an on-line assessment that will provide answers to some of the issues that may be causing your child to struggle. You will recieve an individualized report that addresses attention, learning style, visual skills and many other influences on learning.

For all students, 3D Learner offers a summer programs that can improve reading speed and comprehension and improve future FCAT or other test scores

For rising 3rd graders (i.e. students who will be 3rd graders in the 2014/15 school year), we will be offering individual programs, small group programs and a special high powered group program that will combine the best of the 3D Learner Program and the Wilson ® phonics-based method.

Fill in the form below and you will be directed to an assesesment to complete with your child

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You may want to view 3D Learner in action as captured by CBS and learn what other parents have to say.

Act now—there is no time to waste!

Far better to achieve Success by 3rd Grade vs dealing with the consequences

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