3D Learner Program ® to Help Your Child Succeed

We see our students as bright right-brained learners who have the potential to do much better.  Our goal is to help your child be as successful as possible.  

Our Goals
  • Help students significantly improve their reading comprehension to make reading enjoyable
  • Reduce homework time and stress
  • Improve standardized test scores by improving underlying skills
  • Help students become calmer, more confident and better focused
  • Help parents make the difference in their child's life while freeing time and energy for their family and themselves
3D Learner Program ® Roots 

In 1995, we were told our then eighth grade daughter Julie was not college material. Mira, Julie's mother, who has her Master's Degree in Education, developed the 3D Learner Program that helped Julie improve her reading comprehension 4.2 grade levels in 7 months and later earn her Master's Degree in Education.

Julie "The Original 3D Learner"

The three concepts we built our program on are:
  1. Our students learn best when they see and experience information and can dramatically improve comprehension by mastering sight words and recognizing visual patterns.
  2. Identify and address the students' visual skills, attention and anxiety challenges.
  3. Informed, empowered and well trained parents Can Make The Difference.

Key Discoveries

  • 62% of students are visual-experiential students; they learn best when they see and experience information.
  • These students often come from the best families, and have struggled despite massive investments of time, money and effort.
  • These students can make very dramatic gains in a reasonable time frame if we address the vision, attention, learning and self-esteem issues while partnering with parents. When parents are an integral part of the program we can get far greater results than traditional tutoring.

Our Program

Over the years, we have integrated multiple interventions and strategies into our program:

1.  Our assessment process focuses on students' abilities and thinking skills. It identifies learning strengths and issues including underlying vision, attention and/or auditory difficulties. We have used the Structure of Intellect Assessment ® for over 15 years, and have found it to be the most comprehensive educational tool to individualize student programming. "SOI tests identify gifted abilities, undeveloped abilities and average abilities--often all in the same person", (SOI Systems ®) To assess attention issues we use the Interactive Metronome ® to show how a student is able to integrate their mind and body through timing and maintain concentration. To assess visual tracking problems when reading, we use the Visagraph ® to show what the student's eyes are doing when reading. Taylor Reading Plus ® is used to assess reading comprehension levels.


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         SOI Assessment   +  The Interactive Metronome        +   The Visagraph        +       Reading Plus

2.  Our basic 3D Learner Program ® consists of our patent pending hands-on learning approach that trains students to look for visual patterns. This system improves visual memory and fine motor skills needed in handwriting as well as reading. We also build sight word vocabulary and language skills to improve comprehension when reading and communicating.   

3.  To achieve success, we improve attention, left and right brain integration, and teach your child how to become calmer and more resillient.  Our program includes:

  1. The Interactive Metronome ® that significantly improves attention and self-control, reading and math fluency and sports skills
  2. Brain Gym ® exercises that improve left and right-brain integration as well as increase focus, attention and vision
  3. A 3D Learner Internal Controller ® that teaches both the students and parents how to control their frustration.
  4. The emWave Stress Relief System ® a scientifically validated hardware/software system that teaches techniques to help create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balance.
  5.  Close to 70% of our students have significant issues with either:
      a. Skipping words or lines when reading
      b. Copying off the boarddescribe the image
      c. Remembering math facts and/or spelling words

We have developed an array of exercises to improve these skills.

6.   Parent training is an integral part of our program. We have developed an interactive workbook that enables parents to provide the necessary follow-up support to help their students succeed.  We work with students and parents to set goals with our FIVES Gold setting approach, and provide a positive and effective way for parents and students to communicate.  We also collaborate with schools.

7.   Implementation of our integrated program has always been a major concern. We include 8 coaching sessions after the 1-week training to maximize results.

8.   In order for students to be successful, they need to have positive self-esteem. The 3D Learner Program improves parent child communication skills to make the entire experience a positive one for the whole family. We have structured our program to be a work hard/play hard experience where parents and students experience transformational gains in a positive and relaxed setting. This often helps to reduce homework time and stress. 

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The program is designed to be delivered in 5-days with 4 months of on-going work.  There are two options

1-   You come to Boca Raton for 5-days

2-   You come twice, the first time for 3-days, you work on the program for four to six weeks, and then you come back for an additional 2-days. 

Both options work and we can discuss which one meets your needs.

Additional Programs provided based on your child's needs:

  • Gemstone Visual Skills Training ® is a web-based dynamic vision training program to improve vision tracking and related skills. This helps students improve reading efficiency. It helps parents by integrating all efforts with other 3D Learner initiatives and reduces the logistical challenges of different disciplines
  • Reading Plus ®, a 4-month web-based silent reading program, to further improve reading speed and comprehension, is one more option we offer beyond the core 3D Learner Program. We also partner with Bookshare, an audio book provider that makes digital books available for student

For more information call Mira and Mark Halpert at 561-361-7495

Mira Halpert M.Ed.
3D Learner Program ® Developer
Partnering with Parents and Professionals to Make The Difference

Program includes:
25 hours of student contact - dependent on our needs analysis
3 hours of parent training + 8 coaching phone calls over the following 4 months
 School communication for IEP
3D Learner Home System (R)

Gemstone Vision Software ® and Taylor Reading Plus ® software (optional)


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