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I am Mira Halpert.  I have a Masters Degree in Education, and for the last 13 years have been helping parents to reduce their stress and I have been helping their children to be much more successful.

Two of my children were diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD, but the truth is they are really Bright Right-Brained Learners, like most smart struggling students.

Our definition of a right-brained learner is a person who learns best when they see and experience information.

I understand your stress and can help your child to be much more successful - and help you to join our group of Success Moms (TM).

Experts will tell parents that Dyslexia is a neurological problem, and I will argue that Dyslexia is a neurological difference, and my children and yours can be very successful if they are taught the way they learn best. Most kids we see learn best when they see and experience information and are Bright Right-Brained Learners.

 To see if your child is a Bright Right-Brained Learner ...

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We would encourage you to sit with your child and complete the following Assessment for Success.  The feedback will help you to understand your child's gifts, your child's challenges and where you should focus your efforts.

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