Smart Struggling Right-Brained Learners in Middle and High School Can Become Outrageously Successful

 The 3D Learner Program ® was developed for our 17 year old daughter.  For the first ten years of our efforts, we consistently had better success with elementary schools students; then we added Judy Doherty to our staff – a professional with significant experience with students 12 to 18 years old, and with young adults.

Collectively, we revised our effort – to work more effectively with teenagers.  The results were beyond our expectations.

In just the last six months, with our Boca Raton based 1-on-1 program we have helped:

-         A  7th grader improve his reading comprehension from the 2nd to the 8th grade level

-         An 8th grader improve his reading comprehension 4.5 grade levels

-         A 10th grader improved his reading comprehension from the 5th to the 10th grade level.

      We have helped students make 4 year reading gains with our Home Learning System and Taylor Reading Plus Software (R) - a program that can be done at home, anywhere in the world

As one parent of a 10th grader said, “I was shocked to learn my son was reading 5 grade levels below grade level and I was delighted to see him improve his reading comprehension 5 grade levels in 4 months”.                                 

If you have a middle or high school student you are concerned about, we have now added a new assessment. We have combined our on-line assessment, with an on-line reading assessment and a vision screening. plus a 30 minute debrief all for only $97. For a Free Look go to Teenage On-Line Assessment or call us at 561-361-7495