Highlighting 2 Professionals We Recommend

We have had the pleasure of working with many professionals, and look forward to working with many more. We would like to highlight a few that we consider unique in their fields, so that parents might become familiar with particular issues and obtain more information for help and support.

Of all the professionals we have ever met, Dr. Linda Silverman, from the Gifted Development Center in Denver, shares our belief that there are many kids who learn differently and that we need to look at their abilities and avoid negative labels. Dr. Silverman believes that students:

-                     Are not unmotivated – they are “Yet to be motivated”

-                     Need to master sight word meaning and recognize word patterns first before phonics training will work

o       Sight words are those words that do not generate a picture (e.g. what, when, however, but, etc.)

o       Pattern recognition refers to the problem of not recognizing words they have previously “learned”

-                     Often have visual and auditory processing, attention and/or anxiety issues

-                     Are often Gifted with a Learning Disability – it is possible and even common for Gifted students to have 130 plus IQs, but to have processing speed and/or working memory issues that make learning difficult

Dr. Silverman and her team’s expertise is with the very smart, gifted and even highly gifted children who learn best when they see and experience information.  Check out their website at Gifted Development Center

Dr. Silverman helps students from all over the world, with a combination of:

-                     Educational testing that occurs mostly at her Denver Headquarters; several times a year in Oakland and Los Angeles, CA; and for the first time we will be offering testing through Dr. Silverman’s team and herself coming to South Florida – in late December 2009 thru early January 2010 - if there is enough demand.

-                     Educational consults. If you have had psychological testing done – and want a different perspective – Dr. Silverman and her team provide this service (you can send them the reports and they review them with you over the phone).

If you have a very smart, gifted or highly gifted friend, associate or child, we strongly recommend using Dr. Silverman’s services.

Contact information for Dr. Silverman:

Dr. Linda Silverman


1-888-GIFTED1  (1-888-443-8331)

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Many times parents want to work with a professional who really understands the challenges that kids and parents are facing. 

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW has been working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with neurological disorders, behavioral issues, life challenging illnesses and trauma for 18 years.

Currently, Shari has a psychotherapy practice were she uses a combination of cognitive/behavioral therapy and neuro/behavioral approaches such as EMDR, to assist her patients in reaching their treatment goals. The most common areas of treatment include: learning, memory and attention issues, behavioral issues, anxiety and depression, obsessive/compulsive disorders, marital issues, trauma, and stress management.

Shari understands that the right-brained learners are in need of balancing their brains more effectively in order to be successful in school and day to day life.

When a child is a
right-brained learner, he/she is often times exceptionally bright in several or many areas of learning and functioning, and average in others. This gap in the brain between highly intelligent and average causes the stress response to be engaged.

The stress response is a survival instinct known as 'fight or flight.' Fight or flight was originally helpful to humans for hunting and protecting. You are either hunting down the animal, 'fight,' or running away from the animal because it is coming after you, 'flight.'  It can be agitating to visual-spatial learners, just organizing themselves to get out of the house in the morning!

Understanding the stress response, and the symptoms that occur, can help to clarify some of the 'mental health' and/or behavioral issues a parent may see in his/her child. Some of the symptoms include:
     Attention deficits
     Obsessive thinking (perseverating)
     Having a 'short fuse'
     Easily excitable
     Irritable at times
     Difficulty letting things go
     Difficulty with transitions
     Test anxiety/performance anxiety

Parents will often say, 'but my child is such a great kid, and other times they are so difficult.'
Whether in learning, behavior, relationships, or doing daily life tasks, it is imperative that a child learns how to relate to his/her brain and body both before and when stuck in the stress response. Parents need to learn the parenting tools to assist their child in this process, and help to implement a fun and productive brain/body training routine.

Below is the contact information for Dr. Silverman and the Gifted Development Center, and Shari Kaplan – please mention Mira and Mark Halpert from 3D Learner when you call.

Dr. Linda Silverman


1-888-GIFTED1  (1-888-443-8331)


Shari Kaplan, LCSW