3D Learner Newsletter - March 2009

Mid-Year Blues

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Two issues that often surface at this time of the school year are:

 -              The teacher or school have indicated that your child is struggling and is either at risk for retention, or they may need to put your child in a remedial program for next year.

 -             The homework battles have gone from bad to worse.  Now that the work has gotten harder and your student is NOT able to complete the assignments independently – parents often want to scream.

This newsletter will provide ways to:

-             Respond when your child’s school raises the red flag

 -             Reduce homework time and stress plus a program to reduce homework time and stress by 20, 30 and even 50% within weeks.

        Take our Homework Survey – a Free Tool we have developed to help understand your key issues and how we can help.  We will share what parents think are the biggest issues, and provide our responses in the April Newsletter – for a Free Look go to Homework Survey

 -              Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and to ask new questions at our improved 3D Learner Blog

We also want to make you aware that Mark Halpert, our Director, is President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Florida, and he attended the Learning Disabilities Association of America Conference on February 25th – 28th in Salt Lake City.        

 Mark created an LDA Blog to help you to learn more about what happened a the meeting

There are also many other postings on  our 3D Learner Blog – we encourage you

to view it, and share your comments and questions – either on the 3D Learner Blog

– or e-mail Mark at mark@3dlearner.com - Mark and I will be posting answers to your questions on a regular basis.

We encourage you to visit our 3D Learner Blog now, and to respond to our postings on our blog – we will give you a specific place to go after you read either or both of our two articles of the month to post your comments. We encourage you to read our two articles for this month and to suggest topics for future newsletters at our 3D Learner Blog - Request for Topics posting

 What To Do If Your Child’s School Raises the Red Flag

How To Dramatically Reduce Homework Time and Stress

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