The 10th Grade Reading FCAT Has Gotten Much Harder to Pass
Consider a Program Designed for Teenagers

In December 2011, the State of Florida made passing the 10th Grade FCAT and the End of Course Algebra exam much harder.  The percent of students failing the 10th Grade FCAT, also referred to as the 10th grade Reading FCAT,  increased from 40 to 48%.  The percent who failed the new Alegebra End of Course exam was 46%.

 The potential for having students fail is at an all time high.

The 10th Grade FCAT scoring is as follows:

-   Level 1   Failing - must pass to earn a high school diploma a)

-   Level 2   Failing - must pass to earn a high school diploma a)

-   Level 3   Grade Level

-   Level 4   Above Grade Level

-   Level 5   Well Above Grade Level

Passing scores have changed.

This page is dedicated to helping parents understand how to help your teenage students pass the 10th Grade Reading FCAT and the EOC Algebra Exam. What we share will also help you to understand why your child may be struggling and how he/she can dramatically improve reading comprehension and math.

A number of parents have told us they have tried outside programs that provide more repetition.

Repetition does not work quickly or effectively for many students who struggle with the 10th Grade FCAT for …two, three, four or even five of the following issues.  They often:

      describe the image  Have difficulty with the wording of the questions and understanding the concepts

      describe the image  Have difficulty paying attention, especially for a 70 minute test

      describe the image  Have a visual tracking issue -where they skip words and lines when reading

      describe the image  Have test anxiety

      describe the image  Do not get algebra --- which is often like another foreign language

To make matters worse, these challenges are often missed and your child may dread the thought of one more boring kill and drill program. 

The question you might want to consider is ...

What can I do to avoid failure for my child and to get their reading comprehension, math and FCAT scores to grade level or above with a program they will want to do?

What Makes 3D Learner So Effective at Improving Reading Comprehension, 10th Grade Reading FCAT Scores and End of Course Algebra Scores?

My name is Mira Halpert.  I have a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Michigan.  I developed the 3D Learner Program ® in 1996 for my then 10th grade daughter Julie.  It helped Julie to improve her reading comprehension 4.2 grade levels in 7 months.

We have helped many high school students to improve their reading comprehension by 3, 4 or even 5 grade levels with dramatic improvements in their 10th Grade Reading FCAT scores.      

We also teach Algebra in a far more hands-on way.  We teach students to understand the concepts, to work through the problems correctly and how to check their work.

Unlike most programs, the 3D Learner Program was developed for a teenager, and therefore works well for teenagers.

We recognize that teenagers are different.  They need to see the benefits of what they are doing, before they will engage in the process.  At 3D Learner, we recognize that our first critical step is to show your child and you that we can help and make it relevant to them.

We have found that teenagers can often do far better if we can teach to their strengths, identify and address their challenges, and work in tandem with teachers and parents to make the difference.

Rather than working on words or concepts through the "drill and kill" approach, we use a hands-on approach. This allows our students to visualize the word and to understand the meaning.  We also make it easier for students to ask questions here and in class.

We assess for and address attention, anxiety and visual processing issues. We realize that many of our students do not have ADHD, a clinically significant anxiety issue or a visual processing issue that would require medical intervention, but we know that virtually every teenager, and certainly those trying to improve their 10th Grade FCAT scores would benefit from:

  • Improved attention.  We use the Interactive Metronome ® and Brain Gym  ® exercises that work well whether your teenager has ADHD or not.  Schools like St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Flanagan High School have used the Interactive Metronome ® .
  • Being calmer, more confident and better able to rebound when they hit something they do not understand.  We have had 10th graders whose heart rate increased from 80 or 90 to 140 and in one case 145, when we just mentioned the word FCAT.  Can you imagine what their heart rate goes to before and during the 10th Grade FCAT.
  • Improved visual tracking. Skipping words and lines when reading happens frerquently, and it gets much worse with visual fatigue that can often happen with a 70-minute test.

You may want to view 3D Learner in action as captured by CBS and learn what other parents have to say.

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Some parents' comments:

"The results of your program were spectacular", M Jacobs Parkland

"You helped my son to dramatically improve his FCAT scores and changed his life" K Stein, Boca Raton